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    My cousin's wife forced me to have sex with her. It was Friday night, had a few beers with them and ended up staying in their guest room over the weekend. It was around mid night when his wife walked into my room, sat on the edge of my bed, told me she had mixed sleeping pills in my cousin's beer, dropped her nighty, climbed on top me and lowered her wet pussy on my face telling my cousin never did that to her. I remember her pussy juice all over my face as she spread he pussy lips and rubbed it up and down my face, telling me to suck her harder. I was 21, she was four years older and couldn't believe how good she smelled and tasted. I remember thinking what we were doing wasn't right, but kept sucking till she tensed up and had an orgasm. Remember her peeling my fore skin back, her lips sliding down my hard dick and swallowing my hold load of sperm and squeezing the last drop out. The last thing she said was "take a shower" and "tomorrow I'll bring condoms" I left Sunday after noon feeling guilty about fucking my cousin's wife, but figured it was something she would never tell.

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    I went through the same experience with my cousin's wife. Sunday night we had been drinking, a bad idea to drive home that night and both insisted I stay the night. The next mourning my cousin left for work, showed up in my room, sat on the edge of my bed with her hand on my dick. I remember her saying he wouldn't be back till four, he'd never know. We did mostly oral sex and remember she went wield telling me to suck her harder pushing my face into her soaking wet pussy. My whole face was dripping with her juices as she slid her pussy up and down my face. I remember she was totally shaved and could clearly see every craves and folds of her pussy lips. What we were doing was totally rung but hard to say no. She rode me all way to and orgasm and then gave me the best blow job I ever. I remember I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed and squeezed every single drop. That's when I began to worry about the hold thing and made shore to be on my way out berfore four o'clock.

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