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    Straight Male / 21

    I'm 21y.o. student and my g.f. don't know I have awesome sex for months now with my landlady, a chubby widow of 64 y.o.

    My landlady is much better in bed, gives better blowjobs and haven't any problems with swallowing.
    She never refuses me when I'm horny (every day), my g.f. does Regularly refuses me.
    With my landlady I don't have to use a condom, with my g.f. I must.
    The boobies of my g.f. are too small for a boobjob, although hanging, the boobs of my landlady are big enough for that, when I sit on her chest she squeezes her boobs with her hands and smiles at me in a horny way that excite me most.

    And....... my landlady don't get angry when I'm too excited and cum too quick. There's always a round 2, or 3 or maybe 4, she says. And she learned me some tricks to last longer.

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    This is more than juicy, it's totally fucking hot!!! We would love to hear about the events leading up to the first time you had sex, etc.....please do share more!
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    I have my study in another state and that's why I don't go home, only on occasion.

    It started when my landlady caught me in the bathroom in the morning when I was jacking off under the shower. I didn't lock the door and didn't hear her coming in by the water coming out of the shower head. I don't know if she was standing for a long time because I was a bit of standing out of the door. Only when I finished, I saw her and before I could respond she was already walking out of the bathroom.

    When I sat down at the breakfast table and was almost done, she came to sit with me. She put her hand on my leg and said softly to me that I don't have to be ashamed and that she understands that a young man as I have such needs. My landlady bent a little further to me and said even more in a soft tone that she's alone and would rather have that I lose "that" with her than in the shower or somewhere else.

    I was very embarrassed and didn't know how fast to get away. But her suggestion just wandered through my head and it made me very excited. In the evening, the landlady acted as if nothing had happened. But I followed her with my eyes and looked at her very differently as before. I saw her friendly smile, but also her big boobed hangers through her thin clothes, her round belly and big ass.

    Before going to bed, my landlady first went to shower and when I got upstairs she just walked out of the bathroom in her nightgown. I was a little quiet and my landlady said, as always, good night to me, but this time she gave me a kiss on my cheek with the words: "You do not have to be shy now."
    She went to her bedroom and I went to shower. I lay in bed later and thinking of my landlady and I got a pretty hard on.

    I left my bed and slowly slipped to her bedroom. When I walked in and went to bed she softly whispered that she was glad I came to her. She opened the bed sheet and I lay down beside her.

    She pulled me to her and I felt her chubby warm body. She probably expected me because I felt she had her nighty not on. "Come," she said softly, "take off your clothes". When I also had my clothes off and laid at her again I got a hard on again, as hard as I had never had.

    "Come," my landlady said softly again. I crawled on her and when I came into her, it took not a minute before I was spurted my load into her. She probably expected it and took a towel under her pillow and cleaned us. "So, are you a little quieter now? Then we can really enjoy each other."
    We didn't sleep that night and I can't say how often we have done it but I didn't go to college the next day.

    It's always endlessly good, her soft, chubby body really s delicious and she still knows how to excite me after all those months. From that moment on, I no longer sleep in my bed but with her. That save me making up a extra bed again, she said smilingly.
    I just feel her body and I get a firm erection. Fortunately, she likes sex too and taught me to delay my load cumming and enjoy sex more with each other.

    Please don't mind the type erors.
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    She looks some like this woman, only with gray hair, some fatter and some saggier. But as enthousiastic as this one is:

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