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    I was at the beach on the weekend with family. There were about 10 of us. I usually wear a speedo not because I really want to but to annoy my family as they hate it when I do so. People on the beach always give me looks so I just ignore them. I should have paid more attention to myself this weekend. I didn't realize it but the head of my cock had popped out of my leg opening. My family had noticed it hours earlier but they decided to say nothing to get back at me wearing my speedo. Being it was an old speedo the elastics on the leg openings had lost their elasticity and I didn't feel it was hanging out. I was on my back tanning when I finally realized it. I saw a couple of women in tiny thong bikinis walk by which got me aroused. I sat up and that's when I felt something brush against my cock and looked down. By me sitting up it caused not just my head but more of the shaft of my erect cock to come out from my leg opening. About 75% of my cock was out on display. I got it back into my speedos but I had to quickly pull them down and back up which gave a few surrounding people a quick flash of all of it including my family. They found everything funny. I have paid for it because with the head of my cock hanging out for as long as it did caused it to get sunburnt.

    Maybe I should retire the speedo and replace it with something else. I wonder how my family would feel about a thong or a g-string?

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    lol, got sunburn on your dick. ahahahahaha!!!

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