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    Straight Male / 31

    I was working out at the gym when I see this one guy getting chased by a nude guy. I saw the guy getting chased throw something and the nude broke off the chase and went for the thrown item. The nude guy is standing in the gym which had more than 50 people, both men and women, working out stopping and looking at him. He starts telling us the other guy stole his watch and he ran after him to stop him. You could see he wasn't pleased with what happened especially when he started complaining about how his watch is now broken. He is standing there pissed off and venting and telling everyone what just happened all while being be naked. The nude guy then jumps on one of the machines and starts lifting some weights to get rid of his aggression. Finally after about 10 minutes one of the gym employees approached him and pointed out he better get dressed. The nude guy finally left.

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    Was the nude guy sexy?
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    What?! This is a confession site not a water cooler story forum...

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