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    Transsexual Female / 35

    When I was a 17 yr old male I was all dressed up because I was home alone for two weeks. I had on my matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings with the sexy little black mini dress my sister took me shopping for and I tried it on. I was happy.

    Then the dog ran out back and I went out to get him and I heard a female voice say, "Nice outfit and great job walking in 4 inch stiletto heels". I said thank you. She said if it was ok she would be over later to help me out.

    She knocked on the door and I opened it and saw a man in between us. He said he was here to help me. He asked if I had ever been with a man before? I said, "No I am a virgin". He took my hand and my neighbor said, "Have loads of cum, I mean loads of fun". I was busy with my hand down his pants holding a cock at least 7 - 8 inches longer than my little one inch penis, I smiled real big and said thank you. He asked why and I said for the big size of your cock.

    My penis is easy to hide in panties and it is down closer to where a girls vagina is. I must lay on my back spread my legs and aim a mirror to see my tiny penis. It is also set inside me more than it stuck out. I either don't know how to make it hard or I am not able to get hard, I must sit down to pee like girls.

    I am also 5 feet tall and 94 pounds and curves like a lady and size 6 in ladies high heels.

    He said he was going to enter my ass and I will get hard. It went in nice and deep and hard but still no hard penis just the extreme pleasure of his big cock thrusting in so deep and I was moaning in a girl voice, "Oh baby go deeper and harder I am yours so do whatever you want to me I am the girl.

    My neighbor waited until I was a fucked silly to tell me about the great face shots of me taking his big cock and me begging for more cock is so feminine of me and you are now a princess all the way.

    That night I fell asleep with John's arm around me and his cock pushed at my ass. I slept so good with his manly body against my soft more feminine skin. I still visit him for a great time and he always makes me happy to know him.

    I came out quickly and was dressed up and his arm around me from then on for a long time. One embarrassing day and I am treated as a girl from then on. I am a lucky male to have a penis I don't know how to get hard and it is so tiny.

    Ok any other girls like me find a guy and it is so wonderful to be his sex slave and do anything he tells you to. Men are awesome.

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