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    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Sat riding the train home a few weeks back, I desperately needed a pee. Entering the toilet eventually (there was a queue) I was too late and peed in my knickers a little. Removing them knowing I only had a short skirt on, I thought to myself, I only have five more stops.
    Sitting back down I must have drifted off a little, as when I looked up there was a young attractive woman sat opposite me and she was definitely touching herself. Looking down I realised my skirt had rode up and that my pussy was show just to her.
    I'm not sure why I did what I did next, but I got hugely turned on by doing it. Instead of covering myself up, I opened my legs more, put my hand down to my pussy and spread my lips and labia. The look on the woman's face was priceless, as I continued to play with my pussy. Unfortunately a guy got up nearby after I'd just slipped a finger inside myself, so I covered up. By then she was practically drooling and had slipped her right hand up her own longer skirt.
    Throughout we never spoke a word to one another, yet I knew if I'd have asked, she would have joined me getting off when I did.
    I didn't see her for the rest of my working week, but I did see her the following week on my way home.
    The train compartment was almost empty, and the only other person was an older man who was listening to his phone via his headphones. Sitting directly opposite her this time, she smiled, leaned forwards and slid her hand up my skirt. I didn't even know her name, and I'd never once thought of having sex with a female. Yet there I was allowing her to slide her fingers inside my knickers. It was so horny, so wickedly dirty, as soon as her fingers found my clit, I shuddered with a mini orgasm. She smiled again at me, took her hand away and came to sit next to me. Putting her hand on my thigh, she told me her name, Alison and then leaned into me before I could tell her mine. We kissed, and kissed as if we'd known each other forever. Alison's hands wandered all over my breasts and again up my skirt. Deciding what the hell, I followed suit as our tongues licked around one another's. And then she did something I wasn't expecting. Dropping down in front of me, she had me hitch up my skirt, pull my knickers to one side, and then she pushed her face straight into my pussy.
    To feel how she lapped at my pussy and clit, it was plain I wasn't her first female conquest. And on and on she tongued me. The sounds of her licking and sucking away at my sex alone, was enough to make me orgasm. But her touch, her delicate maneuvers with her mouth, lips and tongue drove me wild with passionate abandon, and I literally forgot we were on a public train. When I climaxed for the first time, I couldn't help but shout out. Her tongue was swirling around my clit and she'd slipped two fingers deep inside my pussy. Again I melted at her touch and ground down onto her fingers. Rising a little, she asked me if I'd pleasure her. It was only then did I see the older man stood ten feet away tossing himself off. Mentioning it to Alison, she got up said a few words I'm not going to repeat and then took hold of my hand. Helping me up I realised I'd missed stop, but Alison told me it'd be fine.
    Exiting the train leaving the man still trying to sort himself out (I think he'd cum all over himself), she lead me to her car which was parked in the trains car park. Asking me if I had time, I nodded. Fifteen minutes later I was entering her very expensive looking apartment. No sooner had the door closed, Alison spun me around and we kissed. Moving and kissing we ended up in her lounge. It was then I told her my name.
    Texting my mother, I let her know I'd be late home. And to let my boyfriend know if he called by, I'd see him at the weekend. Turning my phone off, I spent two glorious hours learning the delights of lesbian sex. Alison lead me through everything and took her time to teach me just how she enjoyed having her pussy, licked and sucked. Hers was my first pussy to taste and pleasure, yet I now know it won't be the last.
    Alison and I have continued to meet up for sex. She's a very successful businesswoman, who owns and runs two companies. During our lovemaking last week, not long after I'd tongued her to another orgasm, she asked me if I liked my job. Telling her it was just that, a job, she offered me a position in one of her companies.
    I start next week. It's a position which means we'll be spending time away at hotels overnight, and often overseas. Although I do enjoy sex with my boyfriend (When we get to see each other) I now find myself drawn more to lesbian sex. And in saying that I think it's time I let my boyfriend find someone else.

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    I'm a bi woman and given the choice of bed-partners I'll take a woman every time. Women are into you and men are into their cocks.

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