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    Straight Male / 45

    My wife and I were staying at the lake with my mom and dad. We were staying in their camper with them, it's a big camper. My parents used the back bedroom on it while my wife and I used the fold out couch bed.

    My wife and I slept in our underwear out of respect and it seemed my mom and dad were doing the same. Dad and I would strip down to our briefs at night outside the camper and then go to bed.

    The first night my wife and I were laying there and we could kinda feel like the camper was rocking. We figured my parents were having sex! Oh well, everyone does it so we went to sleep.

    The next day my wife was giving me a blowjob in the morning since we didn't expect to have sex. Out walks my mom and dad from the bedroom part of the camper. They just say nothing except looks like you two are having fun! My wife didn't really care and said well I'd like to finish.

    Then my dad sat in the chair across from our bed and pulled his dick out of his underwear. Next thing we know, my mom is blowing him! This happened every morning the days we were there. My dad and I both got blown right in front of each other. But sex in front of each other was weird.

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