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    Transsexual Female / 37

    When I was young I didn't understand that I was transgender, I thought I was gay.

    I had just turned 18 about a month earlier. I was at home alone and dressed in the sexiest mini dress I found in the closet of one of 3 sisters.

    I was afraid to go in a dress but felt comfortable with answering the door at home. When I heard the doorbell I jumped up and walked to the door with my 4 inch stiletto heel clicking. I opened it to a man I that was so attractive and I wanted to know him so much deeper.

    After some small talk, most likely talk of my very small penis, we were sitting on the couch talking and flirting. His hands were all over every part of me that is a turn on for women. Then he pulled me close and began to kiss me with his tongue.

    I had my hand down his pants and a very big hard cock in it. He said that I had to suck his cock. I got on my knees and said, "I will but you have to talk me through it". He commented that I must be a virgin. He said that guys like to gag us and we never spit cum out. I did everything he wanted and he warned me he was cumming and it will be a lot.

    He pulled out except for the head and I felt warm all over my mouth and then I tasted it. I swallowed and thanked him for letting me do that can I do it again? He said next is a cum facial then I will take your ass. I asked when. He said the next few hours. I said I was not sure about the ass. He said, "You are going to take it all. You are my sex slave.

    He shot cum all over my face after an hour and 45 minutes after that I was screaming as he held me tight and pushed in my ass. Then he thrust it in until his balls hit my ass. I moaned like a girl and said, "Oh God, please don't stop go harder give me more".

    He lasted longer but still left a large load of his sperm. He asked me to hold my penis next to his cock. His 9 inches of real man cock next to my 1 1/8 inches of less than a clitoris. He said that he was proud of his being so big. I said that I am very proud of how tiny and easy to hide in my panties.

    He grabbed me like I was his girl and he began to kiss me again with tongue. When he let me breath I begged him more. He said he had to shower first. I said, "Great idea we can go shower and maybe after I wash your cock I can suck it in the shower. I took his hand and led him to my room.

    He said it was easy to see it is a girls room. We got in the shower and I washed his cock and it grew as I did it. He rinsed it off and I was on my knees with my mouth open wide. He pulled my head and gagged me a lot. I felt the warm cum and tasted it I swallowed. I told him that his cum tasted so good and I will be his cocksucker anytime just give me at least 2 minutes notice.

    He still likes my body and he said he loves that I am so submissive and will do anything except have any sexual contact with another female. I love his big cock and am so lucky that he comes over after a bad day at work. He has bad days at least 4 work days and on weekends I usually get lucky and he sleeps in my bed and I am in his arms. I feel his cock pushing at my ass.

    I have been in love with him for 12 years but I don't dare tell him and risk losing the man I am totally in LOVE with. I do everything for him and would just die if he left me.

    He is just so sexy and handsome and his male body is so nice and different than my petite and so much more feminine. He says I am his pretty princess and he is my prince.

    He is worth the world to me and I will do so much for him because he is so precious to me.

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