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    Off on a three day trip tomorrow, and I simply cannot wait. My husband will be staying at home (work) so I'll be taking Jack his seventeen year old nephew for company. Which was in a roundabout way my husband's suggestion.
    What my husband doesn't know, is for the past two months, Jack and I have been having sex whenever and wherever we can. Our first sexual engagement was in my car. I'd driven over to my sister in laws to give Jack his seventeenth birthday present, but all hell was breaking loose at their home (Families eh) Driving Jack over to a place I know he likes to chill out at, I couldn't help but notice his cock bulge. Jack was uncomfortable and I could tell. Asking him if things were ok, he told me he'd not had sex yet and all his mates had. Before I could say anything in response, he added "It's because I only want you".
    Now I'm not going to lie and say I hadn't noticed, because I had. What I will say is I wasn't expecting what happened next. Jack undid his shorts in front of me, lowered them and out slapped his extremely thick cock. It's not overly long at six and half inches, but it's so utterly and gorgeously thick. I'm no prude, but I was shocked at what he did. He saw my face and started to apologise. But by then I was horny myself staring at his growing cock. Putting both hands around it, I began to masturbate my husband's nephew.
    Jack groaned and began to kind of fuck my hands, yet I wanted to do something else for him. Shuffling around, I maneuvered myself so I could lean over. Still holding his now fully erect cock, I leant over and sucked in the thickest cock ever.
    It was supposed to be a one time event. I was only going to blow Jack and let him feel special for those brief but exciting moments, but things didn't turn out that way. Jack was taking an eternity to cum. Even though I was tossing him off and sucking hard and deep down my throat, he just wasn't cumming. I myself was incredibly turned on, so not caring if anyone might have seen us, I removed my skirt and knickers, moved us around a little, and mounted his amazingly fat cock.
    I felt my pussy spread like never before, and I swear before his cock fully bottomed out up my pussy, I was already having my first climax.
    Throughout our first fuck, Jacks face was pure lust and surprise. It was never my intention that day to have sex with Jack, although in one of my more sexually wicked moments weeks earlier, I had envisioned him tonguing out my pussy. Anyway that's something else.
    His cock felt perfect for me, so thick and so very hard, that once I really began to fuck Jack, I placed his hands on my breasts, leaned into him and we began to kiss. Taking every inch of his cock, I soon felt him shuddering beneath me and knew he was about to cum. I was right, but before his cock let go, I had a second orgasm which nearly blew my head off. It was so intense, so powerful throughout my entire body, I collapsed on top of him, which in turn had Jack pumping his cock deep inside me, filling my quivering pussy with his seed.
    Separating, I held his hands and then moved them to my pussy. His cum was leaking out, but I wanted him to know something. Making him scoop up his cum, I put his fingers to my mouth and licked every drop off. Swallowing his cum, I told Jack "Anytime you want sex from now on, text me".
    The very next day as I was having my lunch at work, Jack text me to tell me he was horny. Before I drove home after work, I had Jacks cock fucking me from behind again in my car. Again I orgasmed so hard, I was shaking like a leaf, and I knew then we'd carry on having sex.
    The trip was supposed to be with my husband, but his business needs him, so he suggested I take someone else. I mentioned a couple of my girlfriends, but also added in Jacks name. My husband said it would be good for Jack to out of his families environment for a while, so I arranged it so Jack and would take the trip. Telling my husband sleeping obviously would be in separate rooms at the cottage, I and Jack know full well we'll be sharing the same bed.
    Over the past couple of months, Jack and I have had sex most weeks, at least twice a week, sometimes a lot more, depending on time and circumstances. Yet we haven't had a chance to have prolonged time together overnight. I've taught Jack a lot, but over the next three days I'm going to have him learning a while lot more, and I can't wait to have him and his wonderful cock all to myself trying different things to pleasure us both.

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