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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Today is our tenth wedding anniversary, only my wife's pussy, which I still enjoy fucking, won't be the only hole I'll be enjoying.
    Because it's coincided with her gym class, we're having our annual anniversary meal at the weekend. It's also a chance for her to meet up with he lover, who is like her, a gym junkie. He's twenty six (She's thirty nine) and from what I've been lead to believe, he's been fucking my wife for over two years.
    When she goes out to her gym class, I'll be walking upstairs, opening Chris's bedroom door and having him suck on my cock. When my dick is good and hard, I'll make sure his beautiful tight asshole is wet from me tonguing it, then I'm going to fuck the shit out of my nineteen year old step son.
    He's openly gay and has been taking my cock now for three years. Three years in which I'm damn sure his mom knows I've been fucking him. Nothing is ever said, but then why does she always give us enough time alone most days to have sex. Plus at the start of all this, she used to give him condoms and lube.
    Chris is by far a better cock sucker than his mother and his asshole is so tight, I always enjoy it wrapped around my cock. The extra part of everything that's going to happen today and tonight, is after she returns home, I'm definitely going to be having her sit on my face. I'm not sure that I'll have any cum left to give her, but then I am sure like many time over the past two years, I'll get to taste her lover scum, as I tongue out her pussy and ass.
    She knows that i know about them, and she also knows and accepts I'm going to enjoy her sex after they've fucked, so in a way it's going to be one of her anniversary presents to me.
    What she won't know, because I ain't going to tell her, is I'm going to be fucking Chris bareback later on and I'm going to have her sucking on my cock as I go down on her. It's just my little way of making sure I keep the upper hand, or cock for that matter.

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    I would love to have a step dad like you. And i enjoy every minute sucking your dick till its rock solid hard. I would wrap my legs around your waist and guide that hot dick of yours to my boihole so you can fuck my brains out...

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