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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    My wife and I are on holiday right now. She's in bed asleep, so I had to tell somebody about last night.
    Out in a restaurant, a young waiter began to flirt with me everytime my wife went to the toilet, or when she had to go back to our car for something.
    He kept on telling me, I was his "type" and would love to feel my cock up his arse. Having never been involved sexually with another male, I was surprised by just how turned on I became. Needing the toilet myself a little later, I excused myself and went.
    Fucking him in the toilets was surreal, but also extremely horny. I didn't fight my sexual urges, and in doing so, I have to say I had one of my best ever fucks. His nineteen year old arsehole felt perfect for my cock, and he couldn't have been more of a slut. Right from entering the toilets behind me, he wanted fucking. Following him into a stall, I watched him lower his trousers and boxers, lube up his hole and tell me "Come on fuck me, we don't have much time".
    Taking my cock out, I was balls deep up his gorgeous arsehole in no time.
    It wasn't a long drawn out fuck, but it was such a daring, dirty and horny thing to do, I busted my nut up his hole in around five minutes. It took him all of about two minutes before he was jerking on my cock as his cock exploded, sending cum everywhere.
    Sat back with my wife after cleaning up, she asked me why I'd taken so long. I lied and told her I'd had a chat with the owner of the restaurant, who said I was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. The rest of our time in the restaurant, she kept on flashing her eyes at him. And he began to scurry around, probably thinking I might be a jealous husband wanting to hit him.
    Tonight we're going back to the same restaurant, mainly because my wife fancies the owner, I think. What she doesn't know, is I'm going to fuck the waiter again, a young lad called Alex who's already felt my cock up his tight arse.

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    So, how are you going to tell your wife about the HIV or Hep C you got from unprotected anal sex?

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