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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    I still remember like it was just yesterday. It was a Saturday morning and my best friend was at my house. We woke up early and since no 0ne was home for the day we were just hanging out in our underwear watching TV. Both of us were horny 13 year old boys and it was plain to see we both had a hard on. We were talking trying to hide our erections from each other but we were just too horny and excited that morning.
    we both knew something was different that morning and some how our conversation slowly turned to something we had always talked about but never did anything about it. We talked ourselves in to jacking off in front of each other and once we were both naked and we could look at each other it got even hotter. It was pretty hot jacking off with my best friend and we both knew we wanted to touch each other so we did. Our hands were around each others dicks and we were jacking each other off and we both wanted to make each other cum so we did. We both liked having our hand around each others dick watching the cum shoot out the head and we both had cum on our hands and were still jerking on each others dick not wanting to stop.
    We went in the bathroom to wash our hands and we kept grabbing each other pulling and jerking on each other and rubbing each others nuts and both of us were laughing joking around when he caught me off guard and asked if I would try sucking his dick. Just hearing him ask me got me a little excited and after thinking about it with our hands on each others dicks I told him I would if he would. We just looked at each other a minute then agreed to give it a try.
    I got on my knees on the rug in the bathroom floor and he stepped up close to me and kept pleading with me to suck on it. I had my hand around it stroking it and could see myself in the bathroom mirror. Finally I tried it. I licked the head a few times and he was still begging me to suck it so I put it in my mouth and with my lips tight around the hard shaft I began to suck my best friends hard dick and the more I sucked the more I wanted to and slowly I got all of his dick in my mouth and when his nuts touched my chin he threw his head back moaned out loud then grabbed my head with both his hands and shoved his dick into my mouth and said Oh shit! and his cum was shooting in to the back of my mouth and he tightened his grip on y head and thrust his dick in to my mouth really hard as I tried to push back and my eyes began to water up and I gagged a couple of times as his cum went right down my throat and I had my best friends cum in my stomach and his dick in my mouth.
    Once I had swallowed his cum I didn`t care how long he kept his dick in my mouth o I ad one hand on his ass and his nuts in my other hand as he began to tell me how good it felt and he was quick to inform me that he wouldn`t mind at all if I sucked his dick all the time. I told him it was his turn because my dick was rock hard and about to explode. I think he was still excited from me sucking his dick and really wanted to try it for himself.
    He got to his knees and was sucking my dick really good and I grabbed his head and forced my dick all the way in to his mouth and made him swallow my cum like I had done his. He didn`t stand up right away and sucked around on my dick and nuts for awhile and we both agreed that no one could ever know about what we had just done. We never put our clothes on all day long and had a lot of fun sucking on each other that day and we both swallowed a few loads and each time it just got better.
    That afternoon laying on a blanket in the living room floor we were rolling around naked sucking and licking on each others dicks and wound up in our first 69 and it was way too good to stop and we were balls deep in each others mouth and came at the same time which was very hot and exciting so 69 became our favorite way to suck each other off so we did it often. Every time he and I were alone which was pretty often we were sucking each others dick. we tried other things as time passed. We tried humping our dicks together and humping on each others ass also. Something about him on top of me humping on my ass just felt good and I began to get very curious about asking him to fuck me. I knew it sure felt good to be humped and his naked body on top of mine and just something about being naked face down with my legs spread and my best friend naked on top of me humping his hard dick on my ass and how I liked the feel of his warm cum on my ass.
    I knew he wanted to fuck me because many times the head of his dick would poke my asshole and he seemed to like it and tried to make it happen a lot so one day while he was humping my ass I just asked him if he wanted to fuck me. It wasn`t long before his dick was going in and out of my asshole and I was telling him not to stop. I started to cum on myself and my asshole was squeezing his dick and it must have felt good because he told me he was going to cum and I never thought about it but figured that he would pull out and shoot it on my ass but he didn`t. He shoved it up my ass really hard and ground his dick around in my asshole saying Oh shit! Oh yes! over and over as he came as far up my ass as he could get.
    It felt great and while he was laying on top of me with his dick still stuck in my ass I asked him if he cold fuck me some more. He started t hump on my ass and got hard again and was fucking me good in no time at all. His hard dick was nice and slick with cum and pumped in and out of my asshole easily. He fucked me a long time then came in my ass again and laid on top of me until his dick went limp and slipped out of my cum filled slick asshole. His warm slick limp dick was in the crack of my ass as I felt a little cum trickle out of my asshole.
    All I could think of was getting him to fuck me again and I made sure he knew that I liked it and wanted it again. He told me it wouldn't be a problem because he liked it as much as I did. I did everything I could that day to get him hard so he would fuck me in the ass and he came in me several times that day and many more times over the next 15 years or so. Even today I get horny thinking about the times he used to fuck me and cum in my ass and I enjoy sticking something in my ass and jacking off thinking about how he used to fuck me and how god it felt to take his warm slick cum deep in my ass.
    I would like to try it again if I new a nice clean horny man that would like to sneak off one day and fuck me in the ass because I would really like to try it again very soon.

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