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    Gay Male / 52

    Last night I was caught sneaking a peak at the guy standing next me at the urinal. He was really offended that a perverted faggot like me was trying to look at his Cock while he was peeling.

    "Hope you got a good look, because I'd never allow you to get anywhere near it!" I washed my hands and went back out into the bar I was at with some friends.

    The rest of the night was somewhat uneventful. We stayed until last call and I walked my Friends to their car and cut through the alley to my bus stop. While in the alley I ran back into the rude straight guy throwing up by a dumpster. He was extremely intoxicated and didn't act at first like he remembered me.

    He kind of passed out while sitting on the curb. I asked if he needed any help. But he had nodded off. As I was walking away he woke up and appeared that he couldn't find his truck. I offered to walk with him to the parking garage to look for his vehicle.

    As we walked he told me his name was Tom. I shook his hand as we waited for the elevator. He rambled on about how the girl he had been on a date with left him, he was upset that she didn't want to go home with him. Because she said he was overreacting to the Gay guy in the bathroom earlier in the night. He told me his name was Tom and the stupid birch didn't understand what it felt like for him to have yet another faggot staring at his Dick. He told me that fags are always staring at his Big Cock and never took no he wasn't interested in a free Blowjob. He went on and on about what a curse it was to have a Big Dick.

    We finally found his truck in the lowest level of the parking garage. He set down on the tailgate and passed out. I had missed my bus so I sat on the tailgate and smoked a joint. I noticed that his fly was wide open and his soft penis was peeling out.

    I just couldn't help myself, I made sure he was completely passed out. So I decided to pay him back for being such an ASSHOLE. I took off his flip-flops and unbundled his belt and slid his khaki shorts off his hips. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so I fondled his flaccid Cock. Then I leaned over and sucked his shaft. I got a little response. It started to harden a little. I took some pictures with my cellphone and continued to play with his Prick. It only took about5 minutes and he was hard. His pole was leaking pre-cum so I sucked the shaft into my mouth and got to taste what his cum tasted like.

    I sucked him off until he shot off info my mouth. I spit some of the kiss out onto his muscular stomach and gather up his shorts, leaving his wallet I was tempted to try and figure out if I could flip him on to his stomach, but thought he might wake up. So I wrote a note and put it in his wallet. Thanking him for letting me suck his Dick. Sorry that he passed out and couldn't enjoy getting an expert Blowjob.

    What I really wanted to do was Fuck him in the ass, but he'd have to explain to the security guard why he was exposed when they found him later. But I got off on sucking his handsome pie e of meat. It would have been so much easier if he would have just let me blow him in the restroom in the first place.

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    your a fucking rapist. what the fuck is wrong with you? faggot!!!
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    #1 Get help, kid. I'm not the O.P. but can see you are suffering from early brain-rot.

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