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    Transsexual Female / 25

    One week after I turned 18 my neighbor approached me and invited me over and have on that sexy black mini dress I saw you wearing through your window. Then he grabbed my ass and then gave me a nice firm spanking and said that I had 1/2 an hour to be in girl clothes and at his side.

    I was early and he said I should use the bathroom and put on my make-up like a good girl. I am glad I grabbed my make-up before going.

    I was very attracted to him and he was confident and dominant and I was so turned on by that and I became super submissive to his strong masculine personality. I was an ass virgin and he said, "Get on your knees and suck my big cock". I sucked but he pulled out and let his cum build up.

    He grabbed me and undressed me and told me that his cock is going to hurt your ass but hold on a minute and you will want it deeper and harder but until then you will beg for more cock no matter how much you hurt. I said, "Yes lover I will do everything you tell me to".

    He pushed it in and thrust it in hard and I screamed and remembered that I was to beg and I did and then I began to love it and pushed my ass back as he thrusts in and it is amazing.

    I had a great time with him and he said that I would be over to suck his big cock before I ate. That gave me the taste of cum when I ate and I t tasted so good.

    I am now very happy with him and I am only allowed to dress and be feminine. I love him and he loves me. Being a girl is the best way to be and I get to have big cock often.

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    My neighbor saw me in my sister's school clothes, panties and all and mentioned how cute I look in them. He invited me over after school and wanted me to come there in girls clothes. I did and it soon became sexual.

    He'd have sex with me on a regular basis and even bought me my own stuff so I didn't have to wear my sister's. After a short time I looked forward to our get togethers.
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