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    Straight Male / 34

    I guess I learned my lesson about hooking up with young 21 year old at the bar. She was out celebrating her 21st birthday and I was just out having two drinks with some friends.

    Her and her frikeot eyeballing me. I took notice after my friends left. One cane up and talked to me. First she asked how old I was and I told her 34. She asked if I wanted to give her friend a 21st birthday present. I said like what she said she needs some bar cock.

    So I approached her friend. A nice tight body blond. She was very good looking. Eventually I took her out into the parking lot in the back of the lot behind my truck. Had my pants around my ankles and her on her knees. I didnât have a condom so there was no going in her pussy there. I was getting a blowjob from her. I pretty much was face fucking her because she was enjoying it. Good thing I shaved my pubes a few days before that! I had my uncut cock in her throat and she made a funny face and sound. I felt a warm substance go around my cock a d just my luck she puked all over my cock. I pulled out and she turned around to puke more.

    I said fuck Iâm sorry! I looked down and my underwear and pants had puke in them. I took my pants off, tossed them in the back of my truck. I got in my truck, got in my gym bag abc put my gym shorts on. I picked up my briefs and threw them away in the dumpster. Good thing I wore cheap white briefs that day.

    She said sorry and she had to go. I said no big deal, your drunk. I gave her my number and said donât be embarrassed to call me.

    I got home and took a shower. I got in the shower and pulled my foreskin back. There was puke underneath my foreskin. I washed up real good and went to bed.

    A week later that 21 year old called me and apologized. She asked to come over so I told her where I lived. She came over and we had sex. She said she wanted to have sex with me as a way to say sorry lol. I was like well I learned to keep my dick out of first time drinkers mouths. Told her I had to wash puke out from under my foreskin. One good thing is we have had sex a few times now

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