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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I love it when I have to work the Saturday shift while the mechanics service all the work trucks, cause I'm all alone in the office, No one can see me or come in, I always wear shorts so I just slip them & my jocks off, put them in my bottom draw & sit at my desk doing my normal duties stroking my Cock every now and then. I used to
    fantasize that one of the guys would somehow walk in see me naked and force me to suck his Cock or he would tell on me. Lately my fantasies are getting more X rated I've been fantasizing they all
    force me to suck their Cocks one at a time, swallowing their cum then the next one would walk up pull out his Cock grab my head and Fuck my mouth. This past Saturday I upt it that after all 4 off them had used
    my mouth, that one by one they came back in my office and Fucked my virgin arse, I had my eyes closed was stroking away furiously as I was imagining the little Italian
    guy Mikey holding my waist as he
    pounded my arse with his salami when I heard a noise, stopped and jumped up it was my boss, what the Fuck are you doing he says, I felt
    weak and must have gone white I had to sit back down I thought I was
    going to faint, He walked up saying shit are you alright, then he knelt down between my legs and put his Big hand across my forehead and
    said your burning up son, then as
    my heart is slowing down he simply
    said I'm sure this will make you better he dropped his head and started sucking my now limp Cock back to life. OMG my 60 y.o. boss was sucking my Fucken Cock. He
    looked up and said do you feel
    better, Uhu I managed to say hoping he wasn't going to stop, He didn't, in less than 5 minutes I'd gone from having a heart attack to about to cum in my bosses mouth, when I said stop, now he stops, I won't
    tell anyone if you don't he said.
    I won't tell if you let me suck your Cock first I blurted back, that seemed to put a bigger grin on his face, He stood up straight away, unbundled his trousers and
    let them fall to his feet, I was a bit nervous at first and my heart started racing aagain, but I finally had my chance to suck a Cock, He was my boss, He was 60ish,
    but he was fairly handsome and
    fit, so I reached out and pulled his briefs down his Cock was at least 5# but soft and thick, it was The first real Cock I'd ever seen up close. I knew what to do, I'd
    seen plenty of porn. And knew what
    I liked so I just went for it I grabbed hold of his meat that was now maybe 6# and getting stiffer
    and started running my tongue around his purple headed Cock, this
    was fun, I'd fantasized sooooo
    much about having a Cock in my mouth and now it was happening, totally unexpected man was I hot for his Cock something switched On in me & I just took his Big knob & slid it in my mouth and kept pushing down until his knob hit my tonsils I was thinking I'm going to gag any second now, but nothing so I pulled him closer until I could feel his ball sac on my chin, OMG I had his whole Cock in my mouth and
    down my fricken throat. I was thinking this is easy & started moving my head back as his meat was sliding back out of my mouth until it "popped" out first I looked at
    his Cock, it was at least 8# I'm
    thinking how the Fuck did I get that all in my mouth when he tilts my head up & I'm now looking into his eyes, I was a bit scared I didn't know what he was thinking
    then he smiled, I hope your going
    to keep going he whispered. I dropped my head opened my mouth & slid his meat inch by inch into my mouth until he was balls deep in my mouth then started to Suck his Cock, I was pulling him into my
    mouth then I'd relax my grip on his butt & he'd slide back out this went on for at least 10 minutes I'd stop & start, lick his Big knob & his salty precum, then I suggested
    he sit on my desk I pulled my chair
    right up to my desk put his legs over my shoulders & started sucking his Big old Cock again I had to stop after 5 minutes it wasn't as comfortable as I thought, then I
    had an idea I stood up took of my shirt I was now totally naked, very excited, I then said why don't you take me into your office & make me lay across your big desk with my head over the edge of the table &
    you can Fuck my mouth with that
    beautiful big Cock of yours. Great Fucken idea he said, I remember how hot it felt walking through the office naked being led by my boss, not worrying about who was there
    who would see or aanything like
    that. Into his office door wide open he cleared his desk a little looked at me with a angry look on his face & said get up on my desk you little slut, I'm going to Fuck
    your mouth with my big Cock & your
    going to swallow all my cum. Well I nearly blew my load, without even touching my raging Boner it started twitching I could feel I was going to blow. I quickly grabbed my Cock
    & squeezed it as my balls started
    pumping cum, I'd done it before a couple of times don't know if it's a bad thing, but I was able to recompose myself for the job ahead, I was still hard as a rock as I got
    up on his desk and layed with my
    head over the end of his cold wooden desk, I'd seen this position a few times & for some reason thought it would make it easier to take a Cock down a throat. Even
    though I already knew I could take
    his whole Cock in my mouth without gagging it was still a thrill I wanted to experience, Can you imagine it I was laying naked across my bosses desk his door open
    Fellow workers cubicles & desks were in full view outside his big
    glass wall, this was any mans Bi sexual or gay fantasy right here. He stepped up to me I was so Fucken horny I would have let anyone or everyone Fuck my arse right now I
    opened my mouth he just slid that
    big hard Cock in my salivating mouth,I was in gaga land he was sliding that big pole under my tongue that felt so tight against his Big old Cock I Never wanted this to stop, I could feel the top ridge of his knob as it slid in and out under my tongues my head lay over the edge of his desk upside down all I could see was his Big saggy ball sac swinging
    back and forward like a swing in
    the breeze. Now he was pummeling my mouth & throat, he was excited, He layed his hands on my chest as he stroked in & out I could hear him breathing harder, louder as he was
    really Fucking my slutty virgin
    throat. Oh yeah I wanted to call out Fuck Me, Fuck Me but my mouth was full of Cock, he was really starting to thrust deeper, when I felt his Cock get fatter & he started pumping his warm sperm deep in my throat I was gulping down as quick as he was spraying my throat, I had to keep swallowing his warm juices though cause he kept fucking my mouth, Fuck Me the old boy cum more than a months worth I reckon, when he finally stopped and pulled his yummy big Cock out of my mouth he went straight to my Cock and gave me The Best blow job I've Ever had in my life, OMG in less than 1 minute I was pumping my pent up semen in his hungry mouth I felt like he was using my Cock as a straw and sucking my balls empty. I just wish he would have Fucked me then and there but he said sorry this old boy needs a break. Maybe next time. Fuck yeah I'll be volunteering the next time a Saturday comes up, for sure.

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    You can cum and work for me Any Saturday, I've Got a similar setup big office, desk and all the adjoining offices are glassed walls
    I'd love to Fuck your mouth like that and full you full of my sperm, I'm a really big shooter, I'm talking half a cup of full cream milk in every suck session, if you want more I'd love to lube you up & Fuck your arse slowly. I've got a 7# thick, cut Cock. I'll even make it worth your while, that just sounds so hot. If you still want more, I can rustle up some more Cocks for you to suck on or be Fucked by. Were are you.
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    Sorry where are you,

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