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    Straight Male / 31

    I developed a fetish from my first lover. I was 15 she was 43 and very dominant. She would let me do all the sexual things possible to and with her, and she to me. However; she started my leaving the door to the toilet open when she pissed and shit. Eventually she insisted on me joining her in there. Then wiping her clean. She withheld sex to me eventually until I began letting her sometimes pee on me in the tub, and eventually I had to lay on the bathroom floor while she pooped on my pubic hair, then she'd take my cock and sit on it either pussy or ass, but once inside her she'd lay on top of me and be very still, while talking about her shit being between us, and the smell, the feel, how hot it was then she'd move on my cock and she'd cum in less than 5 minutes. I'd shoot up her and I was tasked with cleaning her and me before we hit the shower. Other than those kinks, she let me know everything possible. If I thought of something to do, she did it. Anything she wanted, I did for her. She would let me write things on her, she would expose herself in public and show her pussy, her tits, her ass. I even fucked her in her ass in a park once with a few homeless guys watching.

    I could never bring myself to talk about this to a girlfriend or my wife. I still can't. I sought out a 55 year old when I was 25 and got her to admit she liked pissing but nothing with poop. So I put ads out, and now I see a young woman who is a single mom and needs money. I pay her 2 to 3 times a week to usually just shit on the toilet and let me watch, to piss and let me watch, usually in the tub where I see it splash. Sometimes I get in the tub and she will shit and piss on me. I then clean up and leave. She has let me eat her pussy after she pees or poops but no sex. I wish I could bring it up to my wife and do this with her. That first woman, lasted until I was about 23 years old. I had 8 years of piss and poop, and all kinky things I ever thought of.

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    I can go one better than that! My wife and her sister drink a six-pack, and take a laxative, then they put me in a heavy transparent polythene bag, and let everything go into it, then tie the bottom, and roll me around on the floor, and head down off the sofa, until I am utterly immersed in this "soup" There is a breathing tube which I can use when I have to, and they put a plastic funnel into this, and pee and pee, all weekend, while they drink beer, and it ends up in the bag with me. They love to keep my head immersed, until I think I will drown, and only the constant use of the breathing tube, which they love to yank out of my mouth, keeps me conscious! This is how I spend every weekend, whether it be two or three-day variety! Not a drop gets outside, and they keep me between them in the bed, still marinating in their waste, all night!

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