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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife pegs me. There it is I said it. She's a high flying executive with a lot of stress and when she's feeling a need to get rid of her aggression my hole helps her out. There's no foreplay she walks in and demands I adopt the position she lubes me up and gets to it. I does hurt but she doesn't seem to care. She often spanks me and calls me bitch boy. Lately i'm expected to wear a hood as she does me facing the mirror, I look at myself I seem to have no identity i'm nothing, nobody just a toy for my assertive wife. When she's done I serve her dinner and as she eats I go to bathroom and cry.

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    I would love to have a wife that makes me her bitch boy, I would cry tears of joy
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    Dang. My wife pegs me at least once a week but she never aggressively does it. My wife is a doctor a d has been pegging me for 12 years now. She gets enjoyment from penetrating me so I have always let her do it. She used a strap on that is close to the size of my clock which is 6â although the dildo is thicker than me. One of our teenage daughters walked in on us one night doing it. Boy was that embarrassing
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    Oh you poor bitch.i can't stand the thought of you being mistreated like that. Think I'm gonna cry!
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    My bride finger fucked me on our honeymoon, it really shocked me but I liked it. She said it's because I have a really cute little bitchboys ass. She loves when I whimper and squirm about. She can get three fingers inside of me if she uses lube.

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