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    Straight Male / 23

    Instead of posting separate confessions im just going to make a list of first things/things that me and my cousin experimented with while growing up together before finally dating.

    Side info : we did have a serious, committed relationship for a few years in our late teens and into our earlys 20's

    so, firsts!

    . I took her butt V card, I remember she jumped when it first went in using spit. this is one of my favorites with her because i cant ever forget what her butt looks like with that cute freckle on the cheek

    . she was my first real make out type kiss.

    . first girl to hold hands with

    . she gave me my first Blowie.I remember she was worried about her braces hurting me but didnt.
    she didnt really enjoy the taste at the end.

    . I gave her, her first head, unlike her this is when i knew i loved eating out.

    . she gave me my first handie.

    . I touched her first as she did to me.

    . We lost our virginity together which is one of my favorite times in my life.
    we did have one pregnancy scare before she went on her IUD before our relationship

    . my first foot job, I remember that she was so confused on why i liked it.
    shes the main reason im into feet in general

    . I ate her bum first, actually its my favorite thing about her.

    . first gold shower - mentioned above -

    . first 69

    thes e are just a few.
    once we got into college was when we started dating seriously, and honestly id love to go back to her.
    Even if i was already in a relationship and she wanted me, id cheat because she and i had a very special bond.
    I had to let it out.
    these thoughts make me way to excited

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