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    Straight Male / 23

    I had lost my virginity to this girl i really liked in HS and found out she cheated on me several times just for attention, ten years down the road she had a kid so she probably changed right? no.

    We dated for a few years and again, cheated.

    so my confession is ive been cheated on a few times.

    now i think about it, and how my last ex did this and how horrible the thought of that other guy is pounding the thought of me out of my exs head... literally.

    I love thinking about it even though its twisted... knowing he is on my side of the bed right now after having a good night screwing her, oh... and she has a IUD so he can finish in her too... that was mine... and now this guy... he gets that.... where am i ?

    Single, without sex for a few weeks, jacking it which she is out there being ravaged deep and thrown into quaking orgasms day after day.

    Thanks man, enjoy her! Its not like I loved her seriously and gave up everything for her.
    enjoy it, please send me a recording of how youre making her squeal like a pig because i guess according to her she had to fake it every time!

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    You got to stop putting women on pedestals women are just another fucking horny primate. Sounds like you were prioritizing her over yourself, stop that shit. and she's probably just a whore that will continue to fuck around doesn't matter who the guy or how hung he could be or what not. a whore is a whore is a whore, good at one think and that is having a cock filling one of her 3 holes.

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