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    Straight Male / 24

    So, Ive been using this site to get a lot off my chest and it wasnt until now that i had something to admit that has me incredibly happy right now.

    Ive been talking a lot about my past relationship with my cousin who we will call " Roxy "
    Well for the last few weeks ive been talking to her and slowly working with her to let her know
    that i still think there is a good chance that we deserve one more chance.

    today, she had called me and told me that she wanted to give it a try as well and that she still has feelings as well and believes that now that were older and set financially that things will be a lot better.

    Today after the call i told her to go ahead and come over, and i took her out all day today downtown and spent all day together, at the end of the day we made it official again.

    Im so excited, not only because she is incredibly hot, beautiful or gorgeous but because i have a special connection with her thats unlike any other. I know it may seem odd to a lot of you but thats just an attribute that makes it all the more amazing to me.

    I want to tell the world, to be as happy as i feel inside and not hide anything.
    I mean, wed walk around in public like we always have, just like anyone else as if nothing were different, because its not.

    Were just like any one of you, do the same things and sleep the same.
    the only thing we cant do is have kids, and thats okay.

    I really hope this works out again, i love her a lot.
    im really lucky, and plus shes probably the most attractive girl ive been with .

    and no... no banjos or backwoods. we are good looking people with careers and an education.
    and another PLUS? Id have to bet that our intimacy, or sex is fifty times that of yours, think about that and what connection you cant really find with anyone else, but someone who has been there your entire life :]

    well, were going to bed.
    wish me luck,

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    Why can't you have kids with your cousin?

    Is it illegal?

    Cousin marriages are perfectly legal in majority of the countries in the world. Even in the USA.

    Also the risk to have ill children with your cousin is next to nothing compared to other couples, so even that is not a good reason to not to have family of your own. There are ton of different problems that have much higher risk to cause birth defects, and not even USA have not banned marriages between people who have them.
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    I agree cousins are so far apart in the gene pool that there are hardly any risks if you have kids. Do your research and see for yourself.

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