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    Straight Male / 34

    I was send on a business trip to attend a conference as were a few other people from work. It was 2 guys and 2 women. Us two guys shared a room and the 2 women shared a room. I went for a quick workout before dinner and the other 3 decided they would go down to the hotel bar for drinks and I was to meet them down there later. I finished my workout and went back to my room to grab a shower. I stepped out of the bathroom still towel drying my hair with the towel basically covering my head. I must have being doing this for a minimum of about 20 seconds when I hear a sound. I took the towel off my head to see the other 3 in the room looking at me. I was naked. The other guy had let them in and I was surprised to find them there. One of the women calmly asked if I wanted them to leave. I said it would be a good idea but the other woman said it was a little too late and for me just to finish up. I decided to just finish toweling off in the bathroom and then grabbed my clothes and got dressed. I got dressed in the room and they were there when I did so. We then went for dinner and that was it for the evening,

    After we got back from the trip the women did make some comments to others in the office about what they saw.

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    I would sue the business for making you share a room. Obviously, your coworkers had no respect for your privacy and after finding you naked stood there watching you, which added to the embarrassment. Frankly, I could get you an easy $150k for this.
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    So did the see your hairy cock? Was it soft or hard? How big soft?
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    Lucky girls! Did they like what they saw? Have you gotten any lunch dates?
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    so what they saw a cock and balls, who cares?! sure they seem many before...#2 why does it matter how big soft. I look small soft but have a nice bigger than average cock that I get complemented on often, when I sleep around. and I have been fucked by a guy who I though was normal size cock wise because he hung kind of normal almost small... but he had an big 8/9 inch cock when hard, it was a trip to see that cock grow so much. soft cocks don't tell how big a man is
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    #4 - We're horny and want details, obviously we care, if for no other reason than a purely selfish one. A full or semi hard on makes for better fantasy during clitty play as I the story.

    Hell, I've already made up naughty ending in mind which would open our friend up to some good office fucking sequel stories.
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    #4. You’ve been fucked by a guy but your straight?

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