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    Straight Female / 22

    Okay here goes! I'm young, married and have a great job. I'm considered very attractive in a really cute way, but I've got this problem. I like to wear short skirts and dresses and really cute and sexy panties.

    So do a lot of girls right. My problem is I love to show them to everyone and anybody. I do it in a way that looks like I'm unaware that they're showing. It makes me wet too. the other part of the problem is sometimes I get so excited when a guy is checking me out it becomes obvious and I have sex with a total stranger.

    I feel like such a slut. I even had sex with a kid, an old man and two lesbians and I'm not gay!

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    tell me about this old man

    where did you have sex with him?

    was he hung?
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    I'll let you innocently and accidentally flash your panties to me any time that you would like....
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    #1. It was at a wedding reception at a hotel. I had a bit too much to drink and started flirting with the busboys. When they'd clear the table opposite ours I'd give them a little look. My husband always gets a kick out of how cute I get when I have a few drinks. He thinks it's cute that guy's like checking out my panties. He has no idea that I ended up in a conference room getting tagged by two sixteen and a fifteen year old busboys.

    They thought I was a teenager too, lol. They told the bellhop who was an old black man that they'd just fucked the cute girl with the pink lace panties from the wedding reception. They said I was drunk and in the conference room on the couch.

    The old bellhop went to the room to check it out. He saw me skirt up and laying over the couches arm rest, the way they'd left me. They fucked me panties aside so I still had panties on, though wet and gushing with cum. The old man asked if I was okay. I giggled and said "sort of," he then said he'd hadn't gotten a hard-on in ten years. Then he pulled the back of my panties down and pushed in this huge cock. He fucked me for a little while then started having oral sex with me.

    When he finished he helped me get back to my room before my husband could find out. I got into the shower to clean up and my husband came in and wanted to have sex. He thought I was all loose and wet because he had me turned on so. He has no idea!
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    Please tell about the kid your had sex with. How old was he or she??? I wish you lived by me or had Snap Chat so we could talk more.
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    #4 He was thirteen a friend of mine's nephew that was staying with her for the summer. He was a really cute kid and had a major crush on me. I admit it I'd flash him a little panty every time he was over helping me on Saturdays.

    He'd get an errection every time he was around me. My husband works Saturdays and this kid hung around constantly which I thought was kind of cute. I'd slept in and half asleep answered the door in panties and a t-shirt of my husband's. He actually had an orgasm in his pants, it soaked all the way through, he was beet red with embarrassment. I felt sorry for him and gave him a hug, next thing I knew I was riding his boy sized errection, it kept slipping out but both of us loved it.
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    I'm the one from comment number 4. Thank you so much for sharing that, I jacked off my cock reading your nasty story. I wish I knew a lady like you when I was growing up. I was always horny. I wish you could of taking my first load of cum.
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    #6. It was a sweet experience for him and for me. Nothing planned, it just happened.
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    THIS ISN'TA PROBLEM! Your living the dream.
    Don't fold the zombies lol

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