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    Straight Male / 23

    So, my mother decided to come by to my apartment today when i wasnt home and usually i leave my door unlocked for my GF to get home. I told her to tell me when she is coming over, or anyone to tell us when they are coming over.

    She never called, showed up and we werent home and were on our way home from work.

    Well , i guess she checked in the bedroom and when she did she obviously seen the book sitting right there on my bed, pages opened that described in detail exactly how id screw my cousin and pretty much wreck her and impregnate her.

    well, thats not even it... and what she doesnt know wont hurt her.

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    Heck my mother in law walked in on my wife a d I having sex on the living room couch. And to make it worse my wife was riding me and it was anal.

    My mother in law walked in the door and we just stopped what we were doing. I held my wife against me as she turned her head to ask what her mom was doing here. She said coming to visit a d wondering if I could look at her brakes on her suv, but she said it looks like your ass is preoccupied!

    My wife got off me, letting my cock fall out of her ass as she was talking to her mom. Her mom said this isnât anything I havenât seen before so donât worry about being naked. My wife and I walked to our bedroom and we said give a few minutes to clean up and dress. My mother in law said well I hope you finish what you were doing first!

    In our bedroom my wife was putting a sun dress on and I said I need to finish. She said not when her mom was there. So I just grabbed her, kissed her and bent her ass over the bed. Slide my cock back in her ass and not even two minutes later I cummed balls deep in her ass. I pulled out a d she left the bedroom not wearing any panties! I put on some underwear,shorts and a shirt and left our bedroom. Her mom said damn did you even wash yourself off. I said no lol, I hardly ever wash my dick off after sex

    What also turned me on so much was my wife was sitting there with her mom in a sundress with no panties on a d a load deep in her butt!

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