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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 23

    I wished I was a girl, a sexy girl with a playful personality.

    Id dress so sexy, id literally never leave my room and play with myself and taste myself.
    Id have a lot of hot, rough, whorish sex with a lot of people, and other girls.
    Id develop obsessions with other girls who were my friends, steal there panties at night.

    Id fuck married men, taken guys and break up relationships caught red handed.

    Id have an IUD so that way she could walk in on her man cumming in me.

    Id literally be the biggest whore

    pass me around day by day, let your boyfriend come and slay
    and if by chance he gets me pregnant, bitch better know
    it was my ass he was tapping.


    If you find my panties at your place, and you get the hint that infidelity was near,
    just take a look into that mirror, sit on the couch or even the sofa,
    for it was there, there and there where you man fucked me and pulled my hair.
    just twenty minutes ago it was pure pleasure, so now you see what i am after
    thats breaking your home, and tearing your heart but your man was in me from the start.
    you didnt know, not until now, that your man sure knew how to plow,
    but you didnt know what he could do, until you seen his cum on my boobs
    and my lipstick upon your pillow, with my loud moaning and my loud screams comes your
    worst heartbreak and my best dreams.

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