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    Straight Male / 30

    Because my wife and I ha e a great sex life we like to try new things. Weâve tried quite a bit.

    But this one is the most nastiest thing Iâve done.

    She wanted to take a shower so she got in the shower with me. Iâm usually hard in the shower so we were both standing under the water and she told me to fuck her ass. I normally donât get in her ass too often so I jumped on that opportunity. I learned back against the wall and she slowly backed up onto my soap covered cock. She turned up the hot water to get some steam going.

    I was enjoying her working her asshole on my cock but really I had to pee bad. I did t wa t to pee in the shower when she was in there so I held it. She was fucking her ass with my cock for a good five minutes a d I told her we need to stop so I can pee really quick.

    Of course sheâs moaning and said no Iâm feeling really good right about now. I said let me piss or Iâll piss in your ass. She got this smirk on her. So I grabbed her hips, hekd her on my clock tight and I filled her ass with piss! Damn that felt good.

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    No such thing as peeing with an erection.
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    Bullshit. I can and have pissed with an erection several times. my bi partner has pissed in my ass and in my mouth while I have let him fuck me or sucked his cock and he does the same for me! Several guys I know have pissed while rock hard and I have witnessed several of them doing so.
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    Every guy can piss with an erection. I piss every morning when Iâm hard
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    #1, what are you, twelve? This site is for adults.
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    I was drunk had just finished fucking my wife panties aside at a party and ended up pissing inside of her when I nodded off after fucking her.

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