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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    There I am balls deep up my bosses wifes c**t. I've just had her lick my cock, balls and arsehole, then I've bent her over his desk and rammed my cock up her pussy from behind. I'd literally slammed my cock up her about five times and in walks my boss.

    He's supposed to have been out of town at a business meeting, but there he is stood ten feet away watching my cock slide up his wife's fuckhole. Walking in and around his desk, he opens the draw. I'm thinking he's going for a gun or something else, but I've still got my cock up her soaking wet hole slowly fucking her. Yet I'm absolutely transfixed with what he's doing.

    He takes out a file from his desk, smiles at us both and says "Well carry on then, she doesn't like to be kept waiting, trust me". With that comment he walks out of his own office leaving me to screw his wife. She just says "He's such a dick sometimes". and grabs my arm pulling me back into her.

    Whether it was seeing him or that I was just so horny, I gave my bosses wife one hell of a fucking, making her orgasm twice. When I came, thinking I was going to be sacked anyway, I made sure she took the lot down her throat after pulling out and stuffing my cock in her mouth, forcing her to take every drop.

    Thanking me for such a nice time, she gets dressed, picks up her mobile and rings her husband. By the time he answers, I'm dressed too and listen to her talk to him as if nothing has happened. She even asks him what he'd like for his evening meal.

    This happened on Wednesday afternoon. I was back in work the following day kind of shitting myself. And nothing, absolutely nothing was said to me about what had gone on. This morning (It's Friday) he approached me and said "I'm going over to see ****. I'll be gone about two hours. Masie's on her way over, make sure you sort her out, she's doing my head in with her sexual demands".

    I sat there totally gob smacked with what he'd said, but then he added before he walked away "Oh and by the way, your salary has altered, you'll get a bonus each month from now on".

    I'm still sat at my desk thinking somethings going to happen, or someones going to tell me I'm fired. But I've just seen Masie's car pull up outside and she looks like she's in the mood for a fucking. What a totally weird and fucked up week.

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    Sounds like a fantasy... but pretty hot story either way!

    I'm a boss' wife and I have my eye on one of my husband's employee. And I'm pretty sure he has an eye on me as well...

    Wish my hubby would give me permission.... yummm....
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    I'm forty eight, a business man and I can't hope to keep my thirty year old wife sexually happy. So every so often I invite one of my employee's over to fuck my wife. It keeps her happy and I get a quiet life. You bet you, this confession is real

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