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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 26

    One day I was down at the beach in a pair of speedos and who do I see but my bosses wife. I hoped she wouldn't see me because even though the speedos covered me they were still rather revealing. Anyways his wife saw me and came over to chat. She seemed to be pleasantly surprised by what I was wearing. I just decided to accept the fact she had now seen me wearing very little. Her eyes did have a tendency to remain on the bulge in my speedos. It was pretty well a casual conversation until she brought up how the speedos seemed to leave little to the imagination. She mentioned they were very snug on me and without any warning she put a finger into my waistband and pulled out. She was now looking into my speedos at my cock and didn't say anything. I was in shock and didn't know what I should do so I just froze. When I finally came out of my shock I realized it was too late to do anything, and being it was my bosses wife, I didn't do anything. Finally she took her finger out and looked around. She told me I didn't seem shy and told me to quickly take them off before someone showed up. I was in shock again by her request and when she repeated herself and I did nothing she took it upon herself to pull my speedos down to my ankles. This time I was fully exposed and she was looking me all over. I must have been that way for a few minutes before told me someone was coming and to pull them up. Before she left she told me if her husband finds out I had just exposed myself to her like I did he would fire me. I told her she was the one who got me naked. She asked who he would believe and she put a big fake smile on her face as she left.

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