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    Straight Female / 37

    I worked at a big business since I got out of community college. I never had an issue of having a fling with coworkers. Then a good looking man in his 30’s started work in my area. He was so sweet to me and I enjoyed the attention. My husband and I only had sex once or twice a month even though I was in bed with him every night. Kids, work and busy lifestyle had took us to this point. I had worked with the cute man about 4 months and we became really close. I started looking at him and craving him. I would masturbate thinking about him. We started flirting more and more and I enjoyed it. One day he had to work on the cables under my work station he was on the floor. He Said he wished I had a dress on. I told him he could look at it anytime he wanted. Later that week he asked me if I meant what I said and I knoded yes. He told me to meet him at supply room in 15 minutes. He was one of the workers with a key. I went and almost backed out but I saw the door slightly open so I knew he was in there waiting. He took me to the back corner. If someone came in they wouldn’t see us. He started kissing me and feeling my breast. I started feeling his penis through his pants. I thought this would be as far as we we go but he put his hand in my pants and started fingering me. I felt like a high school girl making out for the first time. He unsnapped my pants and pulled down my pants and panties. He turned me around and I leaned over some boxes and he entered me. Wasn’t long we both orgasmed. We would do this about twice a week and never got caught. I started wearing skirts to work to make it easier. We would collect a little money along and get a motel room about monthly. We would have hard sex till we had nothing left. I was feeling sexy again and my husband noticed. My husband started diet and exercise and started sex regular again. It really works the mind to be having sex with two men and both are good at it. At work we both got promoted so he lost our asses to the supply room so we only meet at motel occasionally now. I see my cheating about to end but have really enjoyed my body being used.

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    Still just a whore
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    That sounds like the words of a pathetic, sexless little man. Good for you girl, you deserve to be appreciated. Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to be celibate. Sex is one of our most primal drives.
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    Same type of things happened with me and a hot co worker. We started as friends talking alot then it became more eventually. I had no intensions of doing it, but she had a hot tight little body and wore tight jeans and short skirts and under them thigh hi's. Once she flashed me those, I was done for.

    We still keep in touch. Best sex we both ever had.
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    I work in a nation wide store chain. I spent time with a 30 year old who shared with me that they had been trying to get pregnant for years. I kept volunteering to help and she finally agreed. She got pregnant the first month but we had sex 4 months till she wanted to stop.
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    Office sex takes place everywhere. It's usually good but can lead to lots of pain
    as well. Nothing good comes easily. I've had plenty. I usually avoid married women but, curiously, they are the horniest and most available.

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