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    Lesbian Female / 51

    I am 61 and she is 60. We have been sharing a room and sleeping in the same be for forty years. For the first twenty years we did not think of ourselves as being lesbians. Far from it, we were just shoved into the same room and bed by the man we lived with because that is the way he liked it. He lived in another room, but sex was always in our room in our bed, and very seldom were we ever alone with him. To him sex was never complete unless we were both there. We just thought this is how we were supposed to be.

    We got together with him at a time when a man did not ask permission, he took what he wanted. She and I were new roommates, we had started work for a large company and the HR department had lined us up and we had rented a two room apartment close to work. He was a guy we met a dance hall. After dancing with me he took me outside and screwed me in the parking lot and then took us home and screwed me again and went to her room and sent her to sleep with me so he could have her bed. That is how she and I ended up in bed together. At the time I had a full size bed and we were on top of each other, so we ended up spooning to sleep and I woke up with my arms around her and my head on her chest and she was holding me because she didn't want to wake me.

    He screwed her after breakfast. It wasn't very ceremonious, it was a wham bang screwing. But she got screwed by him. He moved in, he took over our apartment, moved us into one room and one bed and took over the other room and he set us up to cohabitate with him. I know we were young, we were 20 and 21, and we were getting screwed twice a week, he took over paying the rent and we used his car to get around. The only sex in his room was when we went to give him a blow job if we had messed up and we were asking for forgiveness. We didn't know it at the time, we thought we were falling in love with him without realizing how we were falling in love. We were together in one room and one bed and the best part of the day was when we snuggled up to sleep and had pillow talk. By then he was back in his room, we were alone and we lay side by side and whispered until I turned over and she put her arms around me and we went to sleep.

    This was the time when our friends and coworkers were getting married, having babies and living in the suburbs. We lived in town, convenient, but far away from girls our age. We begged him to move us to the suburbs, we would get jobs out there and he would commute, but that is what all the other men did. We just wanted to be around other women our age and we wanted to have our own babies. It was a crazy time, we called him in to our bathroom and dropped our birth control pills into the toilet and flushed them away, He was put on notice. I got pregnant first and she got pregnant two months later. We moved to the suburbs into a four bedroom house, he bought us a car of our own and he commuted into to town. After our babies were born we quit work.

    Most every one was from somewhere else, we made friends through the babies, it was an accepting time and some women we got close with asked questions, but mostly we just blended in. We turned 30 with four kids.

    The day we crossed the line, he was traveling out of town on projects, he was gone a lot in those days, and the kids were a handful., We took a bath together that night, which we did often, we got ready for bed, and as I did a lot of times, I put my arms around her and my leg over her and snuggled on tight. I wanted her to hold me tight. I started to caress her breast and I felt like kissing her and put her nipple in my mouth and started to suckle on her while she caressed my face. We kissed that night, a long long kiss, and a thousand small kisses, I straddle her and sat on her and held her face and kissed her. We kissed fifteen years of being together.

    That broke the ice, we started to kiss every night, to hold each other out in the open, to start and show and share affection at all times of the day. It took five years longer before we acknowledged that we were in fact lesbian. Maybe because we were forty. Maybe because the heat with him had slowed down, we were having sex a couple of times a month. Maybe because being lesbian was no longer such a bad thing. We used the word with him, we asked him if he thought we were lesbians or something like it. He surprised us and said he thought we had to have some kind of connection like that, he always knew we were connected. By then she and I were totally comfortable being sexually active together. We didn't just kiss and touch, we made love and we expressed our love for each other.

    We are grandmothers now, and after he retired we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is in his early seventies, and we give him the attention and affection he deserves. He has supported us for all but one year since we first met. For these forty years our sleeping arrangement has been the same, he has his room and we have our room. We know now that that first morning when we woke up together and it felt so good to be in her arms that there was something queer about us.

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