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    Straight Female / 39

    This morning I was sat across from Michael my step son. He's nineteen years old but if you saw him you'd think of him physically as an older man. He's like his father, a heavily muscular man, but just a lot bigger.
    His father had only five minutes before walked out to drive to work, when Michael droped his shorts and and boxers and revealed his enormous cock to me. I'd been checking out my emails before driving off to work myself, so I hadn't noticed that he'd been stroking his cock. But I sure damn well noticed it when he dropped his clothing.
    His father in well endowed at eight and half inches, but Michael's cock is much bigger. He smiled at me when he saw the look of surprise on my face and said "It's about time you and I fucked, I know you've wanted to for some time".

    I didn't answer him directly, as I got up and walked into the kitchen. He followed me pulling his clothing up and told me he'd seen me looking at his crotch a number of times, and he then said he'd caught me looking at him a few weeks back when he was getting dressed in his room. It was then I answered when I told him, evading the subject, I had to go to work. Before I left the house, he asked me if I was going to say anything to his dad. When I said I wouldn't and we could just forget about his misunderstanding of what I thought, he replied "You know you want me to fuck you, you're only delaying the inevitable".

    I'm now sat at home. Michael's out with his friends but he's left a note. The note says "Dad's away next week as you know. I hope you and I can work out what we spoke about this morning. I'm sure you want it". Michael left the note in a place he knew I'd find it. Inside my lap top. He also knows his dad wouldn't look at my lap top as he's a tech phobe.

    What I haven't mentioned yet, is Michael is right. I have been looking at his crotch, but I'd seen his fully erect cock before he caught me watching him dress a few weeks ago. I actually watched him masturbate in our lounge, when I came down to get a drink. It was then I became fully aware of his beautiful cock and his gorgeous body. He's also not wrong about me longing for him to fuck me either. I've used one of my dildo's a few times, imagining it was Michael's cock that was fucking me.

    It's a sexual Pandora's box I'll be opening if I allow my step son to fuck me next week, but then I don't think I'll be able to resist............. Have to go my husband's just pulling up.......................

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    whore in waiting
    10 days ago
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    Give 'er girl. I don't see any issue. You're both consenting adults, and you know he's only after one thing, might as well keep it in the family. Please provide an update of what happens...
    8 days ago
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    My comment to #1, "TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!"
    3 days ago
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    Any update?
    3 days ago

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