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    Straight Male / 22

    Several years ago I got caught wanking in my dads garden shed by a neighbour of ours. She told me she wouldn't say anything to anyone, but I was so embarrassed and shitting myself she would, I stayed out of her way for months.
    Fast forward to eight weeks ago. I'm at home, my parents are at my new flat decorating it as a kind of surprise for me. There's a knock at the door and our neighbour is stood there dressed in a short black dress. She's a little tipsy, but not drunk. She said she wanted to speak my mother about a church fate they're both involved in. Stopping short of what she was saying though, she smirked and said "You still playing with that big cock of yours". It's been seven years since she caught me, yet she still looks stunning at thirty eight. Without thinking I replied "Wanna find out".

    We're both naked on the loung rug. I'm behind her banging the fuck out of her gorgeous pussy, which I spent an age licking out as she sucked on my dick. Pulling her hair back, I'm also reaching round and squeezing her left tit. That's when the lounge door opens and in walks my mum and dad. The thing is I didn't see them straight away and reached my orgasm. I came pumping my cum up her tight pussy and told her just how great a fuck she is. Only then did I hear my mother say "Well she might be a great fuck, but you can fuck her in your own flat from now on".

    Talk about embarrassing. I nearly shit myself. And as for my beautiful neighbour, my mum and dad said they weren't getting involved with the fact she'd cheated on her husband, as I apologized for the umpteenth time. My mum and dad have stuck to their word about not saying anything, and I know their neighbour has kept her head down as far as the church stuff, plus seeing them near home. But she's not only had my cock in her that one time, as my parents neighbour now visits my flat almost daily to enjoy me and my cock. It might have been embarrassing at first, but now I'm having the time of my life with a woman who's husband enjoys being drunk, more than he does fucking her. His loss.

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