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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    My wife and I went to a nude beach a few days ago. There were mostly older overweight men when we first got there that just wanted any woman to see their little dicks. We ignored those guys and found a spot away from everyone. We set up our towels, stripped down, and got comfortable.
    Within a few minutes 2 other couples and a single woman set up close to us. Everyone in this group were nice looking. The single girl set up closest to us and was smoking hot. She had great tits and a nice firm ass. My wife and I were both happy with our âneighborsâ. Everyone kept to themselves but the women attracted a lot of small dick fat guys that wanted to see naked hot chicks somewhere other than on their computer screen.
    My wife was laying on her back and dosed off for a little nap. I was laying on my stomach when I noticed a nice looking young guy walking a little close to our area. He had an average to above average dick that he adjusted frequently as he made his way through the group. He looked at my wife and noticed she was asleep. He looked over at me and I gave him the friendly head nod. He stood there for a minute look My around.
    He soon turned his attention to my wifeâs body and made no attempt to hide his creeping. He also started stroking his Cock slowly. I just smiled at him when we made eye contact again. With this acceptance his stroking sped up which he was also not interested in hiding as his cock became fully erect.
    It was very exciting laying naked by my naked wife as a stranger was 5 feet away jacking off to her. I became hard myself while watching him stroke his now large cock. I turned on to my side to reveal what his show was doing to my dick. He smiled and started stroking even faster. Within a few seconds he shot his load in my wifeâs direction. He shot rope after rope of his hot cum into the sand with some landing a few inches away. He gave me a head nod and went on his way down the beach.
    Not long after my wife woke up and I told her about the show she missed. She said she wasnât interested in watching a fat short dicked old man masturbate. I told her it was a good looking young guy with a big dick and she laughed and hit me in the arm for not waking her up so she could watch too. She said since I made her miss the show I had to give one of my own.
    I laughed and she looked at me blank faced and said stand up and give me my show. I did as told and stood up still semi erect. I started stroking and looking around to see if anyone else was watching. Nobody was looking so I just went for it. The hot chick next to us had her head turned the other way but her large perky tits were fully exposed. I was enjoying the view and jacking my dick so fast as my wife licked her
    lips and spread her legs wide open.
    A couple more minutes and I was ready to explode. My wife told me she wants my cum on her face. As I began shooting my load, I look over and the hot chick is now staring in our direction she continues watching as I unload my large load all over my wifeâs face. My wife was covered and licking the cum off her lips. We got out of there pretty quick afterwards. My wife and I both loved it and want to do it again soon.

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    Cool story. But why didn't you wake her up, so she could enjoy the show? And, suppose he had hit his mark with his hot juicy load of Cum? Her face, tits, or even all over her pussy? Then what? Just wondering what you reaction would be.
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    Your right about fat little dick old men at places like that. Wife and I are nudist and have seen this time and time again over the years. Beats me why they won't drop 100 lbs that would possibly stop smothering what dick they do have.

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