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    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    My husband helped me set up my own business four years ago as I was very bored housewife. It's a very successful business for us both, as it brings in a lot of money. What my husband doesn't know, is during those four years I've also had sex with over thirty of my employees, both male and female. Some of them last only a few months (as it's a job for college students really), but other's have worked for me for a couple of years. It's the ones that only last a few months though, that get to share a motel rooms bed with me. And boy have I had a great time with them over the years. The latest is a nineteen year old male who adores giving me oral sex, and fucks me so good. He's such a horny dirty bastard, I'm actually thinking of breaking my code and letting him stay on. After all he is my husband's nephew.

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    so a cheap whore
    10 days ago
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    How did you seduce the girls? Was thar more of a challenge for you and hence more exciting?
    10 days ago
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    #1 believe me I'm not cheap... #2 It's a sensual thing with the girls, I offer massage, which I'm trained in and things generally develop from there.
    9 days ago
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    oh my bad a working whore
    9 days ago
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    Ignore #1....this coming from the same troll on a confession site, irony much?
    I would love to hear more about the seduction of other that got started. So many wives deny any same sex interaction... Shouldn't have to hide that at all! From your experience, is it more of a one time "experiment" or a desire that needs to be fulfilled for most women? Willing to discus on another platform if easier for you... Thank you for sharing!
    8 days ago
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    Ignoring #1 doesn't change the facts the way she states them. Tell your husband all about your work ethics and if he is ok with it then good. If not then guess what still a whore.....
    2 days ago

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