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    Straight Male / 38

    In my single days when I was 22 I was living in NYC. I met a girl with an incredible body, very pretty, nice size tits without being too big, they fit her body very well, great ass, shapely legs, she had it all going for her. We dated a couple of times and I knew I was getting close to fucking her and then she dropped the bomb. She was not just a hooker, but she was a professional dom. Now that meant that she very rarely had sex with her clients, but sometimes that did occur, and sometimes if the dom side didn't have too many clients, and she needed money she'd work for the agency as a regular escort. She wanted me to know before we got too involved. I told her I didn't mind, and we ended up in her apartment. Upon entering she excused the look of the place as her house-slave hadn't been by in a couple of days. I ignored it and was looking at that hot ass of hers too much to care.

    Naked, we were on her bed and after sucking her tits for a while I asked if I could go down on her. She said of course, then stopped my head from reaching her pussy. She dyed her hair on her head blonde, and also dyed it on her pussy. She said she got more money as a "natural" blonde. Again, I didn't care I just wanted to eat her out. She said that I to ask and say please first. I realized that she was trying to dom me, and I didn't quite know what to do. A friend of mine who fucked her said that she really got off being the sub for a change so I went for it. I stood up, kissed her, pulled my belt out of my pants and rolling her over, started hitting that beautifully shaped ass of hers. She was screaming a little, crying a little, and I rolled her back over and told the bitch to spread her legs and not to try any of that "shit" on me. She gave a little whimper, said she was sorry as she spread her pink pussy open for me. I ate her, she came about 4 times, and I lubed up her ass and buttfucked the bitch. The first time I entered her and it was in her asshole. I made her talk about it, and how she'd always gotten cock in her mouth or pussy first, that she was now my butt whore. She took a very rough fucking then got up and fixed us a meal. I wouldn't let her put on any robe or clothes, she just had to stay naked. Eventually I fucked her pussy and mouth that night, gave her another belt whipping on her tits and her ass. She asked me to stay and I told her that I didn't want to spend the night with her.

    After several times with her, she was really into being the sub with me, and being the dom with her clients. One afternoon I went over early and her house slave was there cleaning, dressed in a French maid outfit. By the way, HE was a guy. He had no undies, just wandered around the house cleaning, showing his bare (obviously whipped) ass and cock that was in chastity. She told me to ignore him and we made love on her bed in the studio apartment with the slave watching. I treated her like a sub, and he kept looking over at us, she made him come clean out her pussy after I shot my load in her. Eventually I got very used to his being there and didn't give a shit anymore. After I fucked her she'd either spit my cum into his mouth, make him eat it out of her pussy and even her asshole. We spent many afternoons fucking with the slave watching. I could tell he was in pain because of the chastity device, and seeing his mistress being treated like a slut/whore/sub. I would even watch as he changed her tampons or pads during her period, and then clean out her ass after I fucked her there. One day I fucked her butt and had some shit on my cock and she made him come over and clean it off me. After that he cleaned me every time I fucked her.

    After a couple of months I'd make him come and spread her ass cheeks, or her pussy lips and guide my cock into his mistress. I would tell him I was lazy and make him tweak her nipples while I fucked her. I got there one Tuesday early, I let myself in, and she had a call and left her house slave there to clean up and fix me lunch before she came back for some cock. I made him suck my cock, and after only about 20 minutes of recoup time, I laid him down, pulled up his legs and fucked him in his asshole. I'd never done anything with another guys before except what she and I would do but never full on sex. I told him that I'd beat the shit out of him if he told the mistress that I fucked him and he kept quite, but he did have to shit a couple of times.

    I fucked him one other time, and never had anything to do with a guy again, other than him cleaning me after fucking my sub, his mistress. Now I'm married, moved to the Midwest, have 3 kids, and never looked back. Well , not until now when I'm sitting her hard, writing this. I'm not sure I'm hard over remembering her and her body, or remembering I fucked a guy - twice!

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    Domme here, mostly with women, some men. I LOVE for a man to take me over and make me his sub.
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    Met a gal like that years ago. She liked to be on top, no doubt about it. However, for whatever reason she liked to play the submissive role with me. The sex was incredible. I used to tie her up or down and eat her pussy to death and then fuck the hell out of her. We were just starting to get into the bdsm games when we had to break up. She had to go back to Argentina because her mom was ill. We kept in touch for a long time and then lost contact. I can still get hard just thinking about those times together with her.
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    I make your kids watch me fuck their mom. When I cum, I cum in her hair and make her rub her hands through it and giggle while doing so

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