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    I have wanted to get this off my chest for a long time. My name is Kim and I have been reasonably happily married to my husband Tom for almost 35 years. We endure through the trying time and enjoy the good times. Through the years I have betrayed Tom, well no way around this so...I have had sex with 11 other men over the years. Almost half of them were one-night stands on business trips, two short-term affairs that lasted a few weeks,a one time 3-man gangbang... I was alone at our shore house one winter weekend. There was a few guys from the CBS show Sunday Morning in town for a story. I invited them for coffee and wound up getting penetrated all night by three twenty somethings. And I fuck Tom's partner and best friend on and off for as long as I have been married. We have been very discreet and love our spouses. It's just that we are pure magic in the bedroom. Sex with Tom is fun and spirited, but predictable. Tom has barely seen my asshole while Bill has been plowing it with his big cock since we were in our twenties. With Tom I am a loving, compliant, adoring wife. With Bill I am a wanton slut and unbridled cock whore. I suppose the sex with Bill is so great because it's so rare and taboo. There, it's been said.

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    That is success secret of the marriage.
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    so you have been a whore the whole marriage ,and still a whore.
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    I suppose that I am. I also forgot to mention a three-way with two Sea Isle cops.
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    Who fathered your children?
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    I was married for six, sex-starved years. Now divorced, I enjoy five friends with benefits and sporadic hotel hits on business trips. I've tried some group sex but enjoy best the hot, one-to-one slug-fest experimenting with odd position.

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    Many of those old labels, such as "whore" are just stand-out silliness, especially so in today's societies. My fellow men, brothers, are among the most whorish so the word is really nonsense.
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    I love your honesty.

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