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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    Two months ago when I was still 17 I took $200 from a married man who was in his 40s to give him sex. We did it in his and his wifes bed. Since then I've taken money 6 times from him to have sex (all three places) in his and his wifes bed. No one else has paid me, but I think I want to start charging for it.

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    Hmmm this is a man speaking.
    Most men are jerks so BE AWARE not all are nice.
    Most are plain bastards.
    However be warned HEALTH AND PROTECT YOURSELF!!!
    Do what you feel :)
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    I've known a few pros because of my work managing a club. I've never met a pro who did not regret getting into the life...not a single one, out of dozens.
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    All men pay for it. What do you think marriage is, if it's not paying for it. Only you pay the same woman, week in week out....
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    Yeah, that's right. We pay and pay. She should charge people she's just fucking. All young girls should be selling their pussy. It would be cheaper on us that way and people wouldn't get involved in a relationship just for sex.
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    if you would have charged for all those fucksyour 3 brothers and stepdad had you growing up youcould have been ritch and gave that payin old perv a frebee you feel me hooka. remember it was you that spread yer ass cheeks fer youz family not me suka. just shut tfu and keep teabaggin beeeeeeeooooooootch yer gpa sead he wants u 2 get on them thangs you feel me/

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