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    Straight Female / 47

    At 19 I joined a commune in Central America. I was assigned to/given to a man for his house. He had two other women at the time. As the youngest and newest member of the household I was responsible for kitchen and child care chores. I was pregnant immediately, no birth control was allowed. I had three children in three years.

    When I was 22 the commune was raided and disbanded. I was sent to work as a maid/nanny for a household of an American woman who wanted her kids to speak English. My kids were the same age and all the children shared the same rooms, she had five of her own. As time went on and the kids started school I got a job as a kindergarten teacher. I had a fourth child, the son of the husband and owner of the home.

    All my kids are married now with their families. They married there and are part of the social class they grew up in. I returned to my home when I was 44 to help take care of my mother. She passed now and after winding up her affairs I will return to live with my local family. I miss my children and grandchildren. My job at the school is open for me when I return.

    That is my home country now.

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