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    Straight Male / 22

    So for a while now (approaching a year) I have become interested in shemale/tranny porn. I used to think of it is as I imagine many men did as Gay, weird and how could you ever like it. However, soon enough I stumbled upon a picture of a shemale that completely turned that concept around. P.s. if you get offended by me using shemales/tranny incorrectly, I am sorry I definitely didn't intend to.

    It may be because I was simply ready to accept it or that I was looking for a new fascinating subsection of sex/porn but nevertheless I looked at it and innately got a hard on (I have explored gay porn, but it seems I am wanting to get hard at these pictures because I want to explore it not because I actually find them attractive). Furthermore, after masturbating to the thought of it & the picture I did not feel weirded out or 'wrong' about the content I was looking at (this seems to happen in the 1st couple of seconds after I cum, it's almost like a fresh breath of clear thought). Normally, when attempting to watch gay porn I would get this 'weirded out' feeling. This time I didn't, which I guess you could call weird... haha. Anyways, about a week later I thought back to shemales after seeing a shemale oriented ad. Looked at some more pictures of shemales and god there were some beautiful ones!

    So to cut a long story short (was a 8 month experience of increased interest in shemales), I was watching looking at shemale related porn as much as I was straight porn. This is when I said ok this isn't just a small aspect of my porn 'life' & indeed sexuality but a major aspect. This is when I thought why I might like shambles, within a couple of weeks I had it pretty much outlined. Seems I like;
    1. the kink of anal play that is often present in shemale porn
    2. The surprise of a very female looking person with something downstairs that isn't female (surprise factor)
    3. They were still extremely feminine looking
    4. I am comfortable with my sexuality and as such do not find seeing another dock as disgusting or crossing a border and funnily enough don't seem to attach the dick to a masculine person.

    As such it confirmed that I am absolutely in love with the female form, femininity and all that comes with it, but I don't want to be the one being feminine I just like feminine companions. The fascination about shemales is clearly that they are female looking with male genitalia and I can attest that I am a sucker for that unique combination of person; female form & personality, but with male genitalia. But I exclusively like male genitalia on a female form. I.e. don't like male genitalia on a male.

    Unique combination of sexual preferences? Well funny thing is I love females and their genitalia a ton as well so really my sexual preference is 'female form & personality, but don't care what's downstairs'. I have done some research into any applicable terms for people with such a unique subset of sexual preferences and the closest one I found was 'tranny chaser' but I do not exclusively like trannys nor do I specifically date or have sex with trannys. So my main questions is:

    Is there a specific and accurate term for someone who's sexual preference is a person with a feminine persona (look & personality) but doesn't care which genitalia (male/female) they have?

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    Great. Somemore bi, gay, tranny shit on this site
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    I think the most accurate term in this case is "pervert." Welcome to the club!
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    Pretty hot isnât it #1?
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    once you suck a tranny cock you won't stop.
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    I once inadvertently walked into a club where trannies hung out. After being there for a while and chatting it up, I ended up fucking and sucking two of them in the "common" toilet. Since then I have been with many and can tell you that their sex is the hottest and best. They also have no issues compared to women. Not that I have given up on women. The first ever two I did, I still see. They look like Playmates but with big joints that do very well up your ass and in your mouth.
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    Sex with Trannies is pretty damn hot! It took me a few times getting used to being in bed with a female body and a hard cock between her legs. I can lick it and suck on it but I'm a top for sure and I will do the fucking.
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    Ok OP let me drop some info on you. I'm a trans woman. I'm not trying to tear you down, I'm just letting you know how it is. I personally don't mind being called "tranny" or "shemale" especially during sex, it can be kinda hot, but please keep in mind that despite the fact that the porn industry keeps using these terms, calling a trans woman "tranny" or "shemale" is like calling a black person "N***er". It's a slur that's been used violently against trans people, trans women in particular, for a long time.

    Here's the thing: Being attracted to trans women doesn't make you gay. You're attracted to a woman, it's just that that particular woman has or in some cases had a dick. That's it. And a lot of trans women I've seen I would never have known they were transgender if they hadn't said so.

    Ultimately though, how you define your sexuality is up to you. You can say you're bisexual or pansexual if you want to even if 99% of the time you're attracted to women, that 1% still counts, but as I said above trans women are women so being attracted to them as someone who's already attracted to women doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    One thing you might want to know though is that a lot of trans women can't get an erection, especially if they're actively on hormone therapy. Most of the time when you see a trans woman in porn she stopped taking her hormones not long before the shoot so she could get an erection or ejaculate. I don't know for sure but I imagine trans women prostitutes probably do the same or similar if they have clients who want their dick functional.

    Many trans women, though obviously not all, don't like using their cock on other people. I don't most of the time, I don't mind having a cock, but the idea of fucking someone with it doesn't appeal to me 99% of the time.

    Trans women also don't hide the fact that we're trans to trick anyone. Porn tends to play up that aspect, but trans women and trans people in general often keep it a secret if we can "pass" because we don't know how people will react, many people react violently when they find out, even if it has nothing to do with them. Sometimes people try to ruin our lives when they find out, they tell everyone we know, our employers, coworkers, family, anyone who might have power over us.

    This creates a dilemma with relationships. You want to be in a relationship with someone, but it's hard to know when the best time is to let that person know. If you tell them from the outset they might just walk away or they might use that information against you. If you wait and tell them later, let alone waiting until you're about to have sex, they might love you because they got to know you first or they might attack you. Google "gay panic" or "trans panic" I think are the terms, people have tried to use it as a legal defense after literally murdering someone.

    But that's neither here nor there.

    Keep in mind that trans women are human beings, just treat us how you would any other woman and you should be fine.
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    When I was a younger guy I bottomed for a tranny. I'd made out with him a few times, he was married and I was still in highschool. When I decided that I wanted to let him fuck me it was in full drag, he even had breasts.

    It was so wonderfully weird being analy dominated by a gorgeous woman with a dick. I even played dress up with him.
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    #7 What a Fucked up country and world. Now we have tranny protocol?
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    #9 "Trannys" literally get killed because of assholes like you. I don't know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.

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