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    Straight Female / 26

    Although I am very straight in my office life, I am hit on a lot because of my appearance. I followed my mother's advice not to "Shit where you eat" to put it bluntly. Everyone in the office sees me as a professional virgin. Outside the office is another thing altogether, My room-mate, Linda, like me, was a flight attendant with a major airline. We met on the job and did it for four years. Linda is hot and sexy and I am not too far below her grade level so we get a lot of offers. Linda fucks a lot, far more than I do. She loves a hard cock and talks about it a lot. She carries on about which cocks she likes best and which positions. However, she also loves a guy scarfing down on her crotch and I mean her entire crotch. She's a red-head with green eyes that knock guys off their feet.

    I've walked in on her getting nailed hard many, times and duck into my room to listen and masturbate. She is so lusty that I'm thinking about experimenting with her. She rubs up on me in the shower and we're come close to starting something hot. I'm straight but I love her body and eyes. The next time I post something on here I'm sure I will list myself as least with Linda.

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    Not a bad touch to the composition. One may even admit to the trolls being a little more original. It's a shame that once, this account could be taken at face value. Now, no one knows who is writing what. Fantasy blended with imagination is the common core of a tale.
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    Truth is usually stranger than fiction. It is said, and I have seen it.

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