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    Gay Male / 48

    Well now I am 68 years old. I was one of five boys. My mother, in her wisdom wanted a girl and she chose me to dress and pretend that I was a girl. I grew up wholly as a girl until I went to school and a girl in the restroom squealed on me that I was a boy.

    From then on I had to wear boy clothes to school and my hair was cut short. But I wore panties every day and when I got home I changed into my girl clothes and was my mother's little girl. Fortunately I was slight in build and passed off as a girl wherever we went.

    When I was fifteen a boy made out with me and when he put his hands into my pants discovered my penis and he beat me up. I didn't care, it felt good to be beat up and only wish he given me his penis instead. When I was sixteen I had a job working as a waitress at Walgreens and the cook cornered me in the back room and I was given my first penis to suck. I sucked his penis with all my might, I wanted it more than anything. He was a middle aged man from Lebanon. When he discovered I had a penis he fucked me in the ass using lard from the kitchen to lubricate me. I don't think any fucking ever came close to that one. I sucked him off and he fucked me as long as I worked as a waitress there.

    My first job after high school was a secretary/receptionist at a car repair shop. One of the body shop guys liked fucking me and didn't mind that I had a penis. He liked sucking my penis too and we would suck off together. By the time I moved out of my mother's house I left with only girl's clothes. I refused to wear male attire, I had let my hair grow out and I wasn't particularly bearded and was able to hide it with make up. I used falsies, and mostly I sucked men off if the opportunity arose. I kept seeing the man from the garage with whom I fucked and sucked.

    When I was 26 I managed to have enough saved for a breast job and go my set of boobs. They weren't particularly big, but they did the job OK, and I was able to sport sweaters and other tops to show off my boobs. The doctore gave me hormones to soften my look. It was about that time that I started to hear about trannies, men who were girls. I have lived as a transvestite all my life.

    I suppose to most men I am queer. I have sex with men, I enjoy sex with men. In my youth I was very active, lots of men liked to fuck trannies and I enjoyed being the center of their attention.

    I live my life as a woman on the west coast. I don't have any relationship with my brothers.

    My mother understood from the time I was born that I was meant to be a girl. I am one in every way, except one.

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    I felt into the same situation when I was young. I was curious what mom was wearing look so sexy and want to try them on, than I got caught by dad. He said if you want to be a girl you need to learn how to suck dick. He said mommy suck daddy dick every night.

    His dick was my first to suck. I got so good at it I begin to suck his dick more than my mom. The whole time he wanted me to dress as a girl putting on mom's things. I feel so feminine when I dress as a girl. Tucking my dick making look so flat in the front like a girl.

    He begin fucking me is the ass because it was so smooth and tight he said. I was daddy's little girl. Mom found out later he been having sex with me and filed for divorce. We lived together now and he is planning on getting implants for me so I can have real breasts. I can't wait but he doesn't want me to have surgery to remove my penis. Is small only 3 inches when is fully erected. I shaved my entire body to keep it smooth and soft for him. I do have a feminine look so I can pass as a girl going put in public.

    I think he like it young, smooth and willing to suck his dick anytime and having him fuck my tight ass. We both have falling asleep with his dick in my mouth. My mom was tired most of the time and didn't feel like having sex. My dad always wanted sex and he wasn't getting it. Now I give it to him anytime of the day. I have meet up with him during his lunch hours to suck his dick at work.

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