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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 33

    My next door neighbor's wife, Marie, is a slut from hell. She's married to a truly nice gentleman but she has been flashing me for the last two years since I moved next door to her. She's about ten years older and her large breast sag a bit but, as she has shown me from her backyard, still full and round. Once in a while, if all is clear, she will lift her skirt, bend over, and flash me a full moon.

    I can see why Nic married her. He was sucked in by her powerful sexuality but this woman has the morals of an alley-cat. I feel her flashing is insulting and have asked her to stop, a number of times. unfortunately, one time I walked up to the fence between us and waved her to come closer. Then I said, "Please don't continue doing what you are doing. As she had come closer I felt her sexuality spill out and despite my anger, I suddenly got an explosive erection under my pants. This fact destroyed any meaning of my intention.

    Marie looked down at my bulge and laughed, saying, "Ha, ha, your little friend, actually big friend just now, disagrees with you, She pulled up her skirt and walked away, showing her bulbous ass in motion. I freely admit that her naughty behavior has caused me to masturbate a number of times but only the torture can continue. I will not get involved with her. Even if we were both single I find her personality beyond the pale. I have told my wife what she is doing and she says only, "Let her play out her fantasies and just ignore it." but as Marie herself has said, "My big friend disagrees." My own cock betrayed me but I will just grin and bear all of it.

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    She's teasing for a reason. She wants to fuck you. You need to figure out how to be alone with her.After you fuck her,please don't tell your wife,lordy.

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