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    Straight Male / 42

    So the other day my son walked in on me fucking his 19 year old girlfriend. Now I never intended to do it even though I had thought about it.

    She has been staying at my house for a while with my son. Now she is a tiny little Asian girl maybe only 95 lbs. She is flat chested but she had a little bubble in her butt. She was cute as hell.

    Now it happens cause she caught me masturbating to Asian porn and got turned on by the size of my dick. Apparently mine is bigger than my son's.

    Anyway long story short she was riding me and she is a screamer. I thought it was gonna be a few hours before my son got home. But he obviously heard her and came in to my room and saw us and screamed what the fuck we were doing but she didn't stop cause she was about to cum and the spasms of her puss pushed me over the edge and I came inside of her as my son watched in horror. I feel like shit and he won't talk to me now. I know I am horrible person. But honestly I would fuck her again, she was so tight. And was kinda hot cause it was a little forbidden.

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    Obviously you think very little of your son. Hopefully he'll move far away from you, drop the girlfriend where she is, and have a happy life without a POS 'father' like you.
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    you just saved your son from a whore that would cheat on him. Both of you keep fucking her just make sure she's on the pill. explain to your soon she is easy and would have done with someone else, she's not wife material, a great fuck probably. have fun. your son should be glad you saved him from a whore.
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    Agree w #2....enjoy that slut individually working up to tag-teaming it
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    agree with #2 have a threesome, good luck.
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    Yeah, there's plenty of that tight asain pussy for the both of you. Better than having a son. A woman is built for multiple partners.
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    Maybe you should give him your ass and show him how much you care. Then it would be ok

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