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    Straight Male / 47

    Hi my name is naked boy. I am a closet freak and im totally obsessed with my fantasy of being a naked dancing bitchboy crack ho anal/oral doggystyle gangbang slave.

    I want to smoke like a fiend after getting drunk all day then get naked and dance on atage for strangers while they throw change at my shaved oiled hot nude ass.

    I am soo stupid, every time i smoke the shit i power smoke it untill its gone and i become a total freak.
    The shit makes me crazy. I get nude and my shaved cock practically disappears but idont care cause i feel euphoric, like a bitch whore.
    I have such a sexy body and hot little tight shaved ass and my long blonde flowing hair reaches the small of my back, from behind i look like a fuckin hottie and feel like one too when im high and have a turtle head scared pecker.

    I want to be gangbanged and id love to rub oil on myself head to toe while dancing nude on stage untill being manhandled and publicly humiliated like a piece of meat twink by some well hung studs in front of people i know as they heckle me and taunt the men to do me voilently pulling my hair and slapping my ass cheeks beet red as they pull a train on my cocked up gaping ass and drooling gulping mouth.
    Mmmmm mmmm mmm.
    #please baby please!
    Weird huh? Across my chest"I love 2 suck cocks", and "goo guzzlin fool".
    "Nude dancer"and naked slave" also on my belly.
    "Fuck me",Anal Slave,and Sperm bank"across my shaved ass cheeks.
    Ha ha is that queer or what!?!
    I have put up to 50 temp tats all over me at once on top of that also.
    They were sissy glitter ones like faries, hearts, flowers, ect. Anything feminane and i stuck them provocivatly in between the degrading phrases. The few craziest times i was completly covered, shaved neck to ankels and even had shit like "prison bitch, throw me to the n****rs, soak me in jizz, and please gangr**e me".
    I love the taste of balls, ream my pussy, manhandle me, ect, basically any and everything nasty i could think of. I would doll up with hlush, masscara, eye shawdow ,lip gloss and nail polish too.
    Looking like a total slut then add costume jewelery.
    Necklace, waist chain, ankel braclets, Imagine the euphoria i felt looking that way covered like a slutty punk bitch!
    So i would do shots and small hit for hours dancing in mirrors shaking and spanking my ass raw and filming myself.
    Id get soo high and numb i would usually ride the fuck outta a fat wooden shovel handle for hours.
    Sometimes id set up a cucumber system on rotissararie spines, front and back where id get on all fours and simulate throat ass r**e, but willingly. Id down a shot, do a blast, then deep throat that veggie gagging and slurp sucking, wishing it was a juicy cock while riding the hard pickle behind me eventually making it dissappear.
    Oooh it felt soo good and i would get wild crazy fast wanting it to be real.
    I never have acted on my freakis desires beyond that i suppose out of shame and embarrassment, but since the smart phone age have watched lots of porn while humping my memory foam pillow with my ass spread wide and hiked up high.
    I mean Jesus!!!,some of that shit is unreal. I know i love women, but i must be bi cause when i see a petite lil small tit clean shaved tight ass honey, like sasha grey in gangbang brunette for example, taking and loving a dozen or so smooth cocks in every hole and every position being passed around like a piece of raw meat for the beat red pounding and she loves it soo much that she degrades herself and the punishing studs as they are brutally ruining all her delicious holes, i just want to be her tag team partner and do EVERYTHING, and have anything done to me.
    What im saying is that i desperatly want to be her in a remake of "Gangbang brunette" as a nympho naked bitchboy twink dolled up excessively as i stated earlier and call the remake "Gangbang blonde naked bitchboy" duplicating the long version precisally substituting the DP scenes with double anal. FUUUUCK MAN, TIE ME UP AND RAPE MY HOT TIGHT VIRGIN ASS AND GAGGING THROAT TILL IM TOO SORE TO WALK BURPING UP CUM AND BEGGING FOR MORE JUICY SALTY DELICIOS MEAT LOGS AND CREAM!!!! MAKE SURE U DONT FORGET TO SLAP MY ASS CHEEKS RAW AND LEAVES HAND PRINTS ON THEM BOTH AS U SPREAD THEM APART TO THURST ME VIOLENTLY,AND FOR GODS SAKE, PULL MY HAIR WHILE YOUR NUTTING IN MY BITCHBOY HOLE FOOL!!!!!!!!

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