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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I wish that one day I could meet a very very attrative looking girl who is everything i want.
    The main thing im confessing here is that i wish that when or if i meet her that i find out that she actually has a penis. I love vagina so much, but i think if i meet a person who has the looks of a very gentle female and the part of a man that id have the partner my soul needs.

    see, ive had sex with my bestfriend who is a gay guy, and only have i had sex with him.
    I enjoyed and felt so good riding him, i felt like me... like ive always felt sensitive like very feminine and preforming this way made me feel, well, good.

    I thought about having sex with another guy but it doesnt play out because im not attracted to the looks of guys, just their male parts.

    I truly believe i need a person in my life like mentioned above.

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