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    Straight Male / 54

    My wife I have been married for over twenty years. For all of those twenty years, I have wanted to give my bone to her life-long best friend.

    One afternoon, we were visiting "Karen" at her house. She and my wife had decided to run over to visit a mutual friend of theirs, leaving me to watch TV while they were gone. I knew they were going to be gone for at least a couple of hours so I started snooping around. Searching through her closet, I found some photo albums and started browsing through them.

    Imagine my surprise when I came across a little book of photos taken on one of the Sturgis Motorcycle runs that she had been on. There were pics of her wearing nothing but a leather vest and chaps. Her big, natural tits and platinum blonde pubes on full display. There were pics from behind, with her bent over, looking back with her big tits hanging down and her sweet ass and pussy exposed. There was a full set of nude pics with a variety of poses that she had let some guy take. Then, at the back of the book, there were pics of her taking on two guys at the same time. She was bent over and a guy was doing her doggie style as she sucked on the other guy.

    I went through her dresser and found her panties and thongs. I grabbed a nice, silky pair of panties, took the book into her bedroom, dropped my drawers and proceeded to peruse the pictures as I worked myself up to a great climax in her panties.

    I put the photo album back in place and put the soiled panties in her laundry hamper, then returned to watch TV until they came back later.

    I've wanted to do her eight ways from Sunday ever since.

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    I'll bet you can,with ease. Drinks without your wife present.

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