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    Straight Female / 36

    I've been cheating on my husband for four months with a younger guy. Nobody else knows, because what's noteworthy is he's a pretty famous MLS soccer player in my city. My company is tied in with sponsorship with the team and we met in the spring at an event. I was attracted to him but didn't expect it to go anywhere. However he pursued me hard and I couldn't resist. It's not every day that a hot rich pro athlete wants you.

    One weekend when my husband and son were away at a tee-ball tournament, he invited me out to a VIP club. It was clear so many other women wanted him but he was focused on me. We went back to his place and fucked five times. I couldn't get enough of his tight athletic body and long, hard cock. Soccer is such a stamina sport and he has no problem with that sexually either. I know he goes on the road and has other women, but I've become his home pussy and it actually turns me on.

    For most home matches now he gets me seats in a box and I tell my husband I'm going for work. After the game we go back to his place. I get so horny watching him on the field and he always plays well when I'm there. He calls me his goal maker. I have some guilt about what I'm doing, but I figure you only live once.

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  • 1
    So just a whore...
    27 days ago
  • 2
    U r gonna get catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    27 days ago
  • 3
    Sad. You don't deserve your husband and son or a family of any sort for that matter.
    27 days ago
  • 4
    To commenters #1 & #3; how many MEN do you know that do the exact same thing to their wives?

    Are those men whores too? Do they deserve their wives and children?

    Remember, what's good for the gander, is also good for the goose!!

    I'm not saying I condone the cheating aspect of either gender doing something like this but if men can fuck around behind the wife's back and not be ostracized for it, so can the women!
    26 days ago
  • 5
    Men are whores to but you didn't say he was cheating you said you are so whore still stands WHORE
    26 days ago
  • 6
    Tell your husband all about it and if he is ok with your affairs then ok but you won't tell him you are cheating therefore that makes you the WHORE because you know he would curb your whore ass
    26 days ago
  • 7
    If you find a good fuck, go for it. Cheating sex is the hottest and best kind.
    When all the moralists are old, they will have their boring lives to remember, that, is, if they still can.
    25 days ago
  • 8
    So hot! I'm horny after reading this
    24 days ago
  • 9
    You go bitch. She already admitted that she knows she is being used. But, if you get caught and he wants a divorce, let him have everything. You walked away from your family and everything. So you have nothing but good time. That plays out after awhile. You will be replaced
    21 days ago
  • 10
    18 days ago

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