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    Straight Male / 23

    My girlfriend left me for another guy who is a complete douchebag who cheats on her constantly. To make matters worse I saw him at a party recently and I got a little drunk and called him out on it because he was trying to pick up another girl there. He didnât react to me at all but I went to piss a while later he came into the bathroom with me. When I saw him behind me I turned around and he punched me in the side of the head and knocked me down. I was stunned but tried to get up. When I got to my knees he grabbed my throat and head and stared choking me. He was much stronger than me and I couldnât get loose of his grip. I was about to pass out when he released me and said âyouâre going to suck my cock or youâre not walking out of hereâ I said â fuck youâ but he grabbed me again by the throat And began choking me again. I really thought I was going to die but he let go again and this time heâd pulled his pants down and put his very big smelly cock in my face. âTake in it in your mouth bitch. Bite me and Iâll tear your eyes outâ. I just opened my mouth and he shoved hi# dick in. I gagged and my eyes watered but he just grabbed the back of my head and forced himself down my throat. His cock tasted like he hadnât washed in a while and I almost puked when he said âhow does your girls c**t taste bitch? I just fucked her tight little pussy before I came here. Your sucking the dick thatâs fuckin your bitchâ I had tears running down my face and thought I Couldnât be more humiliated until he grabbed me by the hair and shoved me backward. I fell back against the toilet and he slammed the lid down and shoved me over it. I tried to stand up but he punched me in the back of the head knocking me forward over it. Before I could regain my s3neses he had my pants s down and I heard him spit and then he savagely shoved his cock deep in my ass. I had Been trying to stay tough and keep some dignity but at this point the pain was Overwhelming and despite myself I was crying and begging for him to stop. The only granted several times and thankfully after about three strokes I felt him start cumming inside me. It seemed to go on forever but finally he whimpered and pulled out of me. I was completely humiliated as I felt him gushing out of me all over and down my legs. He leaned over near my ear and said âThatâs a first for me. Fucking a bitch and her man in the same dayâ He last got up and begin walking up. Right before he walked out of the door he said âIf it makes you feel any better youâre a lot better than she isâ.

    I clean myself up and left. I didnât tell anybody and pretty well didnât leave my house for about a week. The worst part of all girl was about a week afterwards I got a call from my ex-girlfriend I couldnât imagine that he had told her what hed done but the humiliation wasnât over. When she called she was crying and she said âI Broke it off with Armando. I hope I never see him again. I just wanted to let you know Iâm sorry about what happened between us and also let you know you should get yourself checked for stdâs because he gave me Chlamydiaâ.

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    When we were first married and really young my wife and I were hanging around with an older much more experienced crowd. After too much to drink I ended up sucking and getting fucked by a macho guy that had just finished fucking my wife. He too was proud of the fact that he was fucking two twenty year old newlyweds. I think he liked it better because he sissified me.
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    This Armando needs to be taught a lesson. get a group of friends and make sure you get him back. Trust me bullies straighten right up when they know they will get it right back. there is nothing more I enjoy than making a bully my bitch.

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