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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I met my husband at work. I was 23 and he was 30, and the first day he took me out he stuck two fingers in my vagina and his thumb up my ass. No one had ever touched my hole back there and I was both angry and aroused and he told me that he could do with my asshole whatever he pleased. It was the price I had to pay to get fucked by him.

    Other things happened, he liked me to adopt the 'position', to such his dick when he watched TV, he liked me to cook his meals and serve him and not wear pants or underpants. Saturday was laundry day and for him having me do laundry, iron and fold while he watched TV reminded him of his mother and he insisted that I do the same.

    One night, after I had taken a long bath, he was eating me and talking to me while he did it, reaching up and twisting my nipples which I always liked, he asked me if I had ever had a girl eat me. I said no, why did he ask. He said he had read that girls eat the best pussy because they know what the other girl likes. He asked me if I had ever eaten pussy or kissed a girl. I said no, couldn't he tell that I wanted to please my man.

    He quit eating me. I thought he was going to fuck me, so I laid back to accept him, but he didn't. Instead he sat on the side of the bed and told me he had always wanted to fuck a girl while she ate another girl's pussy. My answer was 'fat chance'. But he was serious, he pushed me down and described how he liked sliding his tongue around in my pussy and nibbling on my clit, that eating pussy always got him aroused and made him want to fuck.

    The girl he brought over he found through a friend that arranged 'dates' for customers when they came to town. She was a 'high class' girl, 24 from Ohio, she had moved to L.A. to study theater and did that 'on the side'. To me she was hooker and I had no desire whatever to 'do it' with her. I just wasn't going to put my mouth in that. He had her get undressed, at least she was all natural and didn't have plastic surgery. Naked she didn't look so much like a hooker and she had real nice boobs.

    He got his pants off and got hard on her and shoved his dick in her pussy while she adopted the 'position' with her ass in the air. He told me to get my pants off and sit in front of her and she would eat me and he would fuck her. Her mouth grabbed my pussy and her tongue went immediately into my vagina, her face dug into me and she started to finger my asshole. Fuck, then she bit on my clit and she fingered my vagina and fucked me with her fingers and using her other hand and her mouth she got my clit going and I started to go under. I wasn't even paying attention to my husband fucking her.

    I don't know when I had taken my top off and from time to time she would grab my boob and squeeze it tight and then go back to fingering me and eating me. Somewhere I had an orgasm, somewhere my husband had finished fucking her, somewhere she was standing naked beside me, she leaned over me and kissed my mouth and I put my hand on her breast and felt the most amazing feeling you can imagine.

    She was a hooker, but she was a she and I found out that I liked what she did and when my husband introduced me to this girl named 'Mary', and he took her top off and massaged her boobs and asked me if I wanted to eat pussy I gave in. Mary was a waitress putting her way through college, 20 years old, really a very pretty girl, but with a like for girls. She said she was bi, which to me didn't make sense, but she said she really liked getting it on with a girl, but she also liked getting off with a guy. I ate her pussy. And she ate mine. And my husband fucked me while I was eating her. And he fucked her while she was eating mine.

    After several weeks of hooking up, they were sex nights on her nights off, with a dinner date to start and a winner take all fuck off, I found out that he had met her first, he had dated her on the side and it was from her that he had gotten the idea of putting me together with a girl. He had cheated on me and I didn't care. Sex alone with him was like a massage, sex with Mary was like your first night out. To tell the truth, whether he fucked me or not when I was eating Mary didn't matter any more. What mattered was eating Mary out. I found I loved eating her pussy, I loved having her eat me out. I found out that I was bi, still needing my man in my life, but not able to give up the girl in my life. My husband had opened up a part of me that I never knew I had.

    If you are going to eat another girl's pussy, find a girl like Mary, all girl through and through. Skip the man part, eat her, fuck her, kiss her, grab her boobies, grab her ass, show her why she is the girl for you. Let him fuck you later, to help you go to sleep. But whatever you do, share your pussy with another girl, you won't regret it.

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