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    My husband is fast asleep after drinking himself into oblivion AGAIN this afternoon. Only for me it was the last time I wasn't going to let my brother in law seduce me. He'd called by because I text him to tell him his older brother was pissed up again. I already knew from previous flirtations with him, he wanted to get into my panties. So I basically told him if he helped me put him to bed, he could fuck me in the guest bedroom.

    My mouth pussy and asshole are sore at the moment, that's because I've not long taken my brother in laws long thick cock in all my holes for over two hours. He's a lot younger than my husband at twenty six, and boy does he have the cock size and stamina to go with it. I'm not sure how it works, but my husband has a six inch cock, his younger brother has a cock at least three to four inches longer and it's much much thicker.

    He might have used me like a common slut for those two hours or so. But god damn did I enjoy every thrust of his cock down my throat, inside my pussy and oh so deep up my still quivering asshole. I swear I must have orgasmed at least a dozen times or more.

    From now on I'm going to encourage my husband to drink as much as he likes, when he likes. Because Ben's just text me he'd love to do it all over again. Husband's snoring so loud now. Think I might just see if I can get Ben to turn his truck around and pleasure his cock all over again.

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    Fake confession writer strikes again

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